You only leave once, right? Why mind about things happening around? Not really! We need to take care of ourselves if we don’t want to spend a lifetime in a hospital.

However, so many of us don’t care about lots of things. We all think that we’re going to live forever at times. We hope there’s a guardian angel over our heads. The truth is quite different.

In the USA, each year millions of people die instantly or after complication from accidents that were done because we thought – YOLO. Look at this article for more stats.

Now, let’s get over some of the things we do every day and we think it’s completely safe. Read on and learn more!

1. Driving recklessly

Rush hour, right? People drive like they have all day. You don’t have time to wait for those losers, so you step on the gas.

Every now and then you don’t realize there someone behind you doing the same thing. Just a split second is enough to cause an accident.

Now you’re thinking, well not every crash means dying! Sure it doesn’t, but do you know how much is needed to die from a simple The relaxed muscles in the neck will allow a bone crashing when we don’t expect even from a minor bump. You might not die, but the ER will be treating you for sure.crash?

2. Eating improper food

We’re not talking about sewage dirt, we’re talking about ignoring FDA alerts and eating food that was not healthy at all.

Some of the latest alerts include products like chips, apple juices, and even coffee. How often do you go over the label on the back of the product to check out what are you actually consuming? Yes, neither do us. Then, food poising happens and you need to go urgently to the hospital.

3. Not exercising enough

From home to the work office and then back home again. Tired enough to do anything else but keeping the house a little cleaner than disastrous and suddenly there’s no time for anything else.

The unhealthy lifestyle is the number one reason for diseases. These diseases often get to the hospital. Heart, lungs, kidneys, and digestive problems among the most common issues you’ll have to deal with because you’re not exercising enough.

4. Exercising too much

The other side of the coin are the people who can’t stop exercising. They always have something to do. They drive a bike to work, mountain climb, and play basketball with friends, they are active day and night. See an example about this here:

That’s great because you get to live a healthy life, but every activity has a risk of its own. A lot of injuries happen during sports. There’s no way of being more careful because in that case it wouldn’t be called a sport. Still, facts are facts, and people visit the doctor’s office because of sports injuries very often.

5. Not taking pills regularly

Well, we just forget about them alright? Yes, sure, no problem, just be ready to wake up unconscious one day in the hospital bed not knowing how you got there.

Chronic diseases and even food supplements must be taken regularly in order to do their job. If not, you’ll see the doctor regularly.

6. Taking drugs

Drugs are one of the main reasons for being admitted to the ER. There are over 30 million people that tried some kind of illicit drug only in the last month.

Most of that is marijuana which is pretty much harmful and there’s a low risk of overdosing from it. However, other drugs are not so ignorable.

Over 70.000 people die each year from drug overdoses. Imagine how high the number of survivors is. Look about this kind of stats and more on this link.

7. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol alone is very hard to get you to the hospital. Before you get so drunk to pass out and be taken to the hospital, you’ll probably stop drinking because you won’t be able to find your glass.

Anyway, alcohol is known for causing an interesting change in the mind of all living creatures. You get to see, think, and act differently than usual. Your senses weaken, your inner voice is stronger.

So, chances that you’ll get into an accident raise for more than 50%. Whether it be driving a car while drunk and causing an accident or simply get into a fight with another drunk person that will get you hurt and you’ll need to seek medical help. Either way, the hospitals await. See more about it here.

8. Ignoring the weather

This is a cool one. Have you seen those crazy guys chasing tornadoes? Yes, they often die from miscalculating, but what’s more important in this story is ignoring other types of weather conditions.

Like ice or summer heat. Every year, thousands of people get admitted in medical centers because they slipped on ice and broke a bone in their bodies.

Same goes for the summer days when people think that the heat is just sun and nothing will happen. They get heat shocks and get dehydrated so the doctors must do a few tricks to get them back on their feet.

9. Falling down the stairs

Considering the number of people going up and down the stairs every day, we’d say this is a minor risk. But, did you know that around 2.5 thousand people die from this everyday activity each year?

Yes, they do. Thousands more get only injuries and go home alive. Next time you go up and down, don’t scroll the news feed on your phone. Just in case. See this article about more stats:

10. Playing with guns

American citizens love guns. Some areas in the country witness gun carriers on the streets every day. You know, the places where kids love to ride their bikes. Why not, it’s just a deadly weapon.

Anyways, around 500 people die from accidental gunshots every year. Not counting those terrorist invasions in schools and molls happening almost once a month. Dangerous toys those guns, aren’t they?