Based on data provided by the Florida Health Department, influenza has taken a toll in the Sunshine State. The health department has also reported increasing incidents of flu across Florida. Reports also show that four children died in the state due to flu complications, most of which were due to unrevealed health conditions and lack of vaccination. If you are from Trinity, Florida, you may be susceptible to the flu virus. Fortunately, there are many diagnostic labs and healthcare centers in Trinity, where you can get immunized with the flu shot. Fever, sniffling, muscle pain, nausea and headaches are some of the common symptoms of this ailment. Young children, seniors and pregnant women are more vulnerable to the influenza virus. So, it’s essential that you protect your family and loved ones from flu. Here are four ways to help your family stay protected from the nasty bug.

  1. Stay Away from Sick People

Make sure that you keep your kids or any other member of your family away from flu patients. This may sound rude, but this is the most evident way to prevent your loved ones from contracting the ailment. If you are concerned that your child or any senior pregnant member of your family might catch the virus, wait for your sick friend to recover before visiting him. But, if you’re left with no option but to attend to a flu patient, avoid facing him directly. If you need to hold a kid down with flu, make sure that you push his chin above your shoulder to prevent coughing on your face. And, always remember to sanitize the room after the patient recovers.

  1. Get Immunized

Get yourself and your family members immunized to avoid catching the flu virus. You can receive the vaccination in one of the health clinics in the city. The flu vaccine is recommended for all people who are more than six months old. The vaccination is essential for an adult member of a family, who needs to take care of the baby below six years of age. The flu shot is essential to prevent catching the disease and passing it on to others. A recent study conducted during the 2011-2012 flu season showed that vaccination led to a 71 percent drop in hospitalization cases in the US. During 2010-2012, taking flu shots also resulted in a 74 percent reduction in admissions to the pediatric care unit of a hospital.


  1. Keep Your Hands Clean

Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent viruses from traveling from one person to the other. You must educate your children to wash their hands before and after meals, after sneezing or coughing, and after using the toilet. Make sure that they wash their hands with warm water and soap for 15-20 seconds. When traveling, you can also keep an alcohol-based hand gel in your car or purse for sanitizing your hands. Awareness and education about the needs for washing hands have proven to lessen the spread of flu germs and virus by up to 16 percent to 20 percent. Again, washing a child’s hand with soap may protect one out of five kids below five years from contracting pneumonia.

  1. Disinfect Places that May Spread the Virus

Computer keyboards, money, doorknobs or handles, smartphones, remote controls and elevator buttons are some of the places that could spread the virus. To avoid picking up the germs, wear gloves when holding door handles or shopping carts. The flu virus lives on your tabletops, telephones, light switches and countertops for three hours. Disinfect such places in your home with a disinfectant. You can use water and bleach solution if a family member is already ill.

Patients plagued with the flu virus can benefit from immunization. If you are from Florida or are visiting the wonderful state, visit a reliable healthcare center in Trinityand other nearby citiesto keep influenza at bay. Florida has a pleasant weather and great tourist attractions. So, enjoy your stay without falling prey to the flu bug.