More and more Brits are jetting away to far off lands, and it isn’t just holidaymakers who are filling the seats, as medical tourism takes off in a big way. Medical tourism has steadily grown over the past two decades, and with some of the most attractive locations, such as Turkey and Cyprus, it is easy to see why people are flying to the sun to have their surgery.

The surge in numbers can be better understood when you look at the benefits to having your surgery done abroad.

  1. The low cost

The main reason why people are prepared to travel is no doubt the huge difference in price. Cosmetic surgery is not cheap at home, partly due to the cost of living, and also the stringent rules and regulations governing plastic surgery in the UK. As a typical example, you could get a hair transplant in Cyprus, including the flights and accommodation, for half the price you would pay at home. Surgery prices have dropped in the past few years, partly due to developing technology, and also due to competition within the industry. The cost of living is some countries is much lower than in the UK, and this affects everything from labour to accommodation costs for the patient. Cosmetic surgery is strictly regulated in the UK, and this has an effect on the general costs for the patient. In Prague, for example, a nose job would typically cost around £2,000, and that includes the flights and accommodation, whereas the same operation at home would cost at least £3,500. With a short flight of around 2 hours, the patient is met at the airport and taken to meet their doctor, before settling in at their chosen hotel or resort.

  1. The standard

There are many cosmetic centres around the world, and all offer state-of-the-art technology, with some of the best doctors in the cosmetic field practicing in fully equipped clinics. Established hubs attract the more experienced doctors, who wish to work in a nice environment, with the latest equipment, and there is no shortage of clients, as more and more people realise how easy it is to have a part of your anatomy altered. There are different countries that specialise in certain fields of cosmetic surgery, these are the most popular countries that offer comprehensive cosmetic surgery, often at very low prices. All clinics will have a comprehensive website, where a prospective patient can find the right information, and with many reviews from satisfied customers, the patient feels reassured that they are in professional hands.


  1. The holiday combination

Having cosmetic surgery isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience, but by combining the operation with the holiday of a lifetime, it suddenly becomes more attractive. The rest and relaxation that must come after the surgery can be experienced in an exotic location, and perhaps this is the reason medical tourism has grown exponentially since the turn of the century. Some people feel embarrassed about having cosmetic surgery, and if the healing process can take place in a foreign country, one can avoid this. The lure of the sun and exotic locations can take away any concerns over the surgery, and with prices so low, it doesn’t break the bank. Combining the annual holiday with the surgery has obvious financial benefits, and often is the only reason the surgery can take place, as the cost in the UK would be too high.

  1. The convenience

The whole process, from the initial enquiry to a successful outcome, is really quite simple. Of course, one must have made the decision to have the surgery, and for whatever reason, have decided to opt for a foreign clinic. The Internet is always our best friend, and a quick search will reveal specialist clinics where one can actually complete all the preparations online, and within a few weeks, you could be flying to meet your hair transplant surgeon. If you are considering having cosmetic surgery abroad, it is wise to fully investigate the doctor and clinic, and any reputable clinic will be more than happy to provide references, as well as answering any questions the patient might have. Look for testimonials, and it might be a good idea to check out Internet forums, to see if you can talk to previous clients.

  1. A modern trend

Cosmetic surgery may have seemed a little extreme a few decades ago, yet with modern, non-invasive surgery, it is relatively easy to alter any part of the human anatomy. Globalisation has enabled people to fly anywhere relatively cheaply, and with the Internet, it is very easy to locate a reputable surgeon who practices from a modern facility. Facial surgery has become more of a focus, with dermal fillers used to smooth out any facial irregularities. Having cosmetic surgery has come under scrutiny recently, and the pros and cons are widely documented, with some experts commenting on how the fashion world is partly to blame by encouraging people to change their appearance.

An expanding industry

Cosmetic surgery has established a solid foothold in various locations around the world, and the trend looks like it will continue, as more and more people decide to do something about that bump on the nose, or that balding spot that takes away our self-confidence. This does not mean that every clinic is what it claims to be, so if you are contemplating having a hair transplant in Cyprus or Turkey, check out the clinic and the doctor thoroughly, and look for any associations or accreditations, as these are symbols of standard that all reputable establishments would have. There are risks with all types of surgery, and should there be a complication, being in a foreign country adds to the difficulty factor, but with care and planning, one can achieve the desired result, with a relaxing, holiday-style experience.