When it comes to great party places in Gurgaon, Boombox Café is one of the go-to places for everyone. It provides the privileges of both a café and a bar and ensures that all visitors have a great experience.

Boombox Café is famous for its culinary delights as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The café justifies its name and enthrals its aura with loud, vibrant and feet-tapping music. It is a favourite hang-out place for most people as it offers the best of everything along with chartbuster English songs playing in the background.

The main highlight of this café and pub is its exquisite and delicious cocktails and mocktails. Here are the 5 cocktails that you certainly cannot miss at BoomBox Café:

Boombox Café


The first standard cocktail that you must try here is Margarita. It is usually a classic, but according to the reviews of the customer, they taste the best atBoombox Café. The presentation of the drink is also a delight. Salt is carefully sprinkled on the entire circumference of the glass. With each sip, the salt and drink blend together to give you a yummy taste.

Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island Ice Tea is one of the most popular drinks of Boombox Café. This is the reason why they have made sure that their menu serves more than one type of LIIT drink. The first type is the classic LIIT, which is the perfect concoction of rum, vodka and triple sec. The second type is Trippy PSY LIIT and this is combined with Red Bull and thus it becomes an energy booster. The third type is a Subtle Sufi LIIT. This drink has several fruit essence and is extremely delicious.

Roll Baby Roll

This drink will certainly make you want to groove on the dance floor. It is a delectable melange of basil, balsamic and evergreen bourbon. It is one of the special cocktails that are served at Boombox café and they are widely desirable amongst the guests. The basil adds more freshness to the bourbon and makes it smell even richer.

Elvis Lens

Elvis Lens is an unusual drink and it is quite different from the other cocktails that you must have had. The ingredients that constituent to this exotic drink are ginger, turmeric and lots of vodka. The ginger is clubbed together along with therapeutic turmeric. You might find these ingredients funny, but this experimentation of Boom Box has certainly kicked off.


If you are looking for a drink that will fill you with enthusiasm and uplift your spirits, then you must order the cocktail Bubbly. It is a drink based on gin and contains flavours of Thai basil. The best part about this drink is the tangy twist provided by kiwi along with gin. This drink will surely rejuvenate you.

In addition to this, you can also try cocktails like Daiquiri, cosmopolitan and old-fashioned. You can order a great variety of appetisers and other dishes along with your favourite cocktails. Boombox Café serves cuisines like North Indian, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese and American. The snacks and bar food are scrumptious and finger looking good.

Address: BoomboxBrewstreet, SCO NO 53 1ST FLOOR, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Whether you are staying in Gurgaon or you are visiting the city, make sure that you visit this awesome café and pub and have a wonderful time enjoying the above mentioned cocktails. The drinks are so good and affordable that it will make you visit this place again.