Finding a reliable center for drug rehab is not an easy task. This is true as it is natural for families to feel that there is no facility that could help their loved ones to recover completely from the addiction.

Nevertheless, finding a reputable facility is the first priority for a concerned family or friend. There are several ways and means to ensure the rehab facility you have chosen is a reliable one. Here are some tips to make the task easy:

Know the deciding factors

When you look for a reliable rehab treatment center, here are some important factors that help you decide, whether it is the right choice or not.

  • The nature and severity of the addiction
  • Focus of the addiction program and approach used for treatment
  • Ability to deal with multiple conditions
  • Program cost
  • Location

The above factors should be looked into carefully when you search for a drug rehab center. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, you will find diverse programs and affordable cost structure besides the reliable nature of treatment provided here.


Treatment structure

The main focus in drug rehab is the availability of proper treatment. Since it is not possible to have a treatment that is right for all, the selection of rehab center should be based on the level of severity of the addiction. Here are some considerations:

  • For severe addicts, 24/7 monitoring and complex inpatient programs are required.
  • In case of addiction that is of a less severe nature, outpatient programs are more suitable and 24/7 monitoring is not crucial.
  • Recovery support is provided after the inpatient and outpatient programs are completed successfully.

To know the severity, rehab centers usually do a complete assessment. This helps to devise a suitable treatment plan.

Treatment approach

Substance abuse is of different types and each will have its own withdrawal as well as recovery method. Finding about the specialized treatment approach a center practices will help in addressing the specific needs of your addiction.

Treatment approach ranges from cognitive behavioural therapy and evidenced based approach to adjunct, contingency management and metric model treatment.

Consider family involvement

Heavy involvement from family is encouraged by many treatment programs, as it speeds up the recovery process. You need to consider, if you want to have your family involved in the treatment and choose a program that is appropriate.


With proper aftercare, you can be assured of longer period of abstinence and fewer instances of re hospitalization and relapse. Since recovery is mostly a continuous process, the after care is a crucial deciding factor.

Quality of treatment

The accreditation of the program and certified staff are important criteria to look for, as this helps in identifying the effectiveness, safety and quality care and management provided by the rehab center. Check with the National drug treatment programs review of the Health Department to verify the credentials.

When it comes to a successful treatment program, having a customized or individualized plan is critical. When your treatment plan is customized to your specific needs, you will receive the best benefits and your road to recovery will be smooth and fast.