Rooibos tea offers a floral aroma as well as naturally sweet taste, making it a top choice by a lot of tea lovers. It is made exclusively in South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains, and is fermented naturally and then dried until it starts to have a deep red color.

It is acaffeine-free drink that has the following important benefits:

  1. Ideal for avoiding cardiovascular conditions

An important antioxidant found in rooibos is quercetin. This compound helps prevent different cardiovascular problems. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it decreases complications with blood pressure, and promotes an increase of good cholesterol or the HDL cholesterol. This beverage can also stop the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol from developing on the arteries as well as blood vessels. By taking rooibos, you are guarding yourself from different heart conditions like heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

  1. Relieves hypertensive conditions

Rooibos tea is a known choice to those who would like to relieve their tension, hypertensive conditions, as well as nervous tension. This drink is ideal inrelieving respiratory conditions and reduces blood pressure.

  1. It can help you sleep better at night

Those who want to lessen their caffeine intake or is looking for a tea that is caffeine free should consider drinking rooibos. It also has a limited amount of tannins so it does not have a bitter taste compared to black or green tea.A cup of this drink before heading to bed can help you sleep better. It can also improve your mood, stress levels, and overall health. All in all, rooibos tea offers you tons of health benefits without the risk of being dependenton caffeine.

  1. Improves bone health

On top of having polyphenols, rooibos is also rich in calcium, fluoride, and manganese. These minerals can help us have stronger teeth and good bone structure. Therefore, if you have an improved bio availability of minerals in your body, there are also lesser risks developing conditions, like arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic joint pain. Manganese fuels the enzymes that make new bones, while fluoride aids in improving dental health.

  1. Helps avoid diabetes

Rooibos tea has as palathin, which isa rare antioxidant that comes with unique qualities. This is an antioxidant that canhelp you to have an improved blood sugar stability, insulin resistance, and improved glucose absorption by your muscles. These important improvements lead to having aguard against type II Diabetes. If you have diabetes, rooibos tea can help you by keeping the stability of your blood sugar.


  1. Good for your skin

Red tea has alpha hydroxy acid as well as zinc. These substances are both great for your skin. In fact, some even use red tea topically to relieve skin problems such as acne or sunburns. Alpha-hydroxyis now starting to become a popular substance that is being included to cosmectic products due to its ability to stoppremature aging symptoms such aswrinkles. Manufacturers even use it to chemical peels, because it can revitalize the skin, leaving it with a relaxed and healthy glow.

  1. Comes with anti-cancer compounds

Rooibos tea has polyphenols that are known for having antioxidant properties. In fact, compared to other teas, rooibos has up to fifty percent more antioxidants as well as polyphenols. This beverage is the only type of tea that comes with Aspalathin, which is an antioxidant, and a source of oxide dismutase. Because of these, African Cancer Association even coinedrooibos tea as a leading source of anti-cancer compounds.

  1. Aids kidney stone problems

Rooibos tea comes with no oxalic acid so it is great for people with kidney stones. Oxalic acid is like a crystal-forming substance that can deterioratethe condition of your kidney by growing the stones larger.




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