Skin pigmentation is a trouble to some people but not to others. It’s just that, there are individuals who want to have clear and spotless skin while others do not care about it. For those folks who want to get rid of those skin spots, the right professional can help with that.


Freckles can actually be removed. There are professionals who can erase them. Although these spots are harmless, some people do not want it. Freckles are the overproduction of melanin. Melanin takes the responsibility for both skin and hair pigmentation. Aside from that, these spots come from the stimulation of the UV radiation.

Freckle Categories

o   Ephelides

This is the common type of freckles which measures around 1-2 mm of flat tan spots. Aside from being tan, it also comes reddish and light brown which is common during sunny days. This is seen towards individuals who have light complexions. Other than that, it comes from the genetic trait.

  • How it can be avoided:

Ephelides are avoided by preventing the sun or by using sunscreen.

o   Solar Lentigines

This is a larger type of pigmented spots which is common after a previous sunburn. They come darker in color and will not fade even during winter.

  • How it can be avoided:

This is avoided by preventing sun exposure, especially between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Additionally, wearing of sunscreen and sun-protective clothing can help as well.

Why People Have Freckles

Not everyone develops freckles, but for those who do, it is not something to be feared of. Here are the common causes of freckles on face:

o   Genetics

This is the leading cause of freckles. Family members who have freckles on their skin will bring the same issue to their younger generation. This happens because of a dominant melanocortin-1 receptor gene which causes the melatonin to grow as freckles.

o   Sun Exposure

This causes freckles to spread or darken. People who get freckles are also those who expose themselves to too much sun. These freckles are a sign that the body is working on mending the skin.

o   Skin and Hair

Individuals who have pale skin and red hair commonly develop freckles. This is because red hair and freckles are controlled by a similar gene which is the Melanocortin-1 – a gene which balances the pigments found in the skin and hair.

In Conclusion

Freckles are not dangerous but they are sometimes confused with skin problems. This is because of the great number of spots which keep on popping up on their skin. This is common to individuals who take a long time exposing themselves to the sun. Freckles develop because of the skin producing more melanin as a response to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is a clear indication that your skin is protecting itself from the harmful UV rays, thus, darkening itself during summer and fading during winter.

Freckles are common among individuals who are light skinned as they experience sunburn more easily. Aside from the sun causing these spots, genetics and skin and hair contributes to it as well. If you notice changes to the size of your freckles, then it would be best to visit a dermatologist to examine them. Some of these changes might be a sign of skin cancer.