E-cigarettes are a great option for those who want to get away from the damaging health effects of smoking. E-cigs can also be a useful tool for those who want to stop being addicted to nicotine. If you’re considering switching to e-cigarettes, or are a non-smoker who has decided to try one, you may not realise that there’s more to these electronic devices than you may have first thought. Unlike cigarettes, which only require a lighter, there are a number of accessories that you can get for your e-cigarette. Here are some of the most common ones.

A Carrying Case

There are many different carrying cases out there for your e-cigarettes, all coming in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Some of these cases are small enough to fit in your pocket and only hold your e-cigarette itself, while others are larger and hold additional flavour e-liquids, chargers, and other essentials. Most of these cases zip shut so everything inside stays safe and secure.



One of the biggest advantages that e-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes is the concept of flavoured e-liquids. These liquids give the vapour a unique taste and smell that is certainly better than what you’d get from a traditional cigarette. Since there are many different flavours available, you’ll want to try several to see which ones you like the most. Some of these flavours are designed to mimic the taste and smell of tobacco, while others smell like apple, banana, or other fruits.

If you want to try something different from those options, you’ll find that a wide variety of other flavours are available from X2 Cigs. If you love coffee, you can add an e-liquid that has all the flavour of your favourite morning brew. Whiskey drinkers may want to try out the whiskey e-liquid, while those who can’t get enough of their soda can give the cola flavouring a try. Vanilla flavouring is another option that smells amazing. If you’re unsure which of these flavours you’ll enjoy, you can always purchase a multi-pack and try several of them at once.

You can also choose how much nicotine is in your e-liquid. If you’ve never smoked before but love using an e-cigarette, you probably don’t want any nicotine in it. However, if you’ve smoked for years and are trying to quit, you can slowly decrease the amount of nicotine that is in the e-liquid until you’ve broken the addiction for good.

Charging Cables

Your e-cigarette battery will need recharging from time to time, especially if you use it a lot. If you’re going to be at your computer or have a USB charging station, you can use a USB charger to get your e-cigarette back up to full power. If you don’t have a device with USB functionality, you will need a wall adapter to plug the USB cable into. This is also useful if you’re going to be traveling and may not necessarily have a computer with you.