Addiction rehab is a structured treatment program with the objective of helping individuals that are struggling with substance abuse and dependence. Rehab facilities and programs have a goal of helping and supporting recovering addicts in their journey towards a happy, sober, clean, and healthy lifestyle. Canada is one of the heavily hit countries in the global pandemic that is drug and alcohol addiction. Thus, the country is also aggressively initiating efforts in order to recover from the blow of substance abuse through effective addiction rehab programs.

Addiction Rehab – What to Expect?

Different individuals have their own struggles with substance abuse and addiction thus rehab treatments are likewise varied and diversified, depending on the personal needs of the client. However, there are treatment methods that are generally required for the patient to undergo should he decided to enter the program. These are the most common requirements and things to expect in an addiction rehab treatment:

Detoxification (Detox)

Detox takes place during the initial phase of the addiction rehab treatment program. The body is weaned, rid, or cleansed of the toxic substances in his system, particularly of drugs and alcohol. This experience is quite varied, depending on the type of substance and the frequency of using that substance.  In most cases, withdrawal syndromes are most unpleasant, uncomfortable, excruciating, and to some, even dangerous. Thus, it is imperative to choose a facility that has licensed and experienced medical staffs to administer and supervise the detox process. Proper detox treatment could help the individual go through the discomforts of the process and eventually continue on their recovery without any chances of relapse.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy

Upon completing the detox program, the client then proceeds to the main addiction rehab treatment or therapy program. There are various behavioral therapeutic interventions available for different clients and substance addicts. The most common therapies include individual or group counseling which offers a steady and strong support system for the recovering patient. There are also holistic treatments that include music, art, and alternative healing processes such as yoga and meditation. During the therapy, patients are also taught how to develop skills for relapse prevention, sobriety maintenance, and identification of triggers and high-risk situations.

Aftercare Services

Addiction rehab treatment is an ongoing process that’s why most facilities and treatment programs are inclusive of an aftercare service. completing the substance abuse and addiction therapy program is not enough. The individual needs an appropriate aftercare plan so that his progress is monitored and the patient is supported in his transition and reintegration into his family and society as a whole. Aftercare services may include sober living arrangements, ongoing therapy, and support group as optional services.

Addiction rehab in Canada is part of the ongoing efforts of the government to reduce and eventually stop the addiction and substance abuse pandemic in the country. There are numerous rehab facilities to choose from, offering specialized programs for specific needs. The best way to recovery is to choose a trusted and established rehab center now.