Attention is a complicated thing. Children lose their focus. Adults too lose their focus everyone and then. There is nothing worry about it, right? Well, wrong as there are things which you need to be careful about. There are signs which you should be worried about. Your child might be suffering from something serious which when taken care at an early stage gets cured. However, because people don’t take children seriously they tend to ignore the problems children are facing. For this reason, the health issues, especially the psychological issues get overlooked. The result of such indifference can be serious.

Susan Rachele knows the problems the children go through. She has suffered from ADHD which is the short form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Susan has coped with this disorder. She says that explaining the trauma of going through this disorder is impossible. Those who are fortunate enough to be untouched by the disorder will not be able to understand what one goes through when this disorder takes over. However, in her blog she has taken a chance to explain it all in her own language.

Kids usually don’t sit still. They move around a lot. They keep talking or stay busy in their acts. These are the usual scenarios. However, sometimes things go out of hand. Children make inappropriate comments in the public place. They ignore instructions. These children are branded by others as troublemakers. Yet, sometimes behind the childish demeanor lives a serious emotional disorder. People cannot see it. For this reason, they fail to understand the gravity of the illness. They fail to understand how serious the emotional disorder can be.

Susan Rachele takes it upon herself to educate people about the disorder. She wants the parents to know when to get medical help. If you go through her blog, you will find ample posts about this disorder. She urges people not to take the childish acts lightly. Yes, of course, every act of loss of attention or failure to obey rule is not a sign of ADHD. However, when the simple acts become a regular scene, you should be careful. Instead of scolding your child or grounding them, it is important to consult a therapist.

adhd care

There are several myths that are surrounding this disorder. People think every child who suffers from this disorder is hyperactive. However, this is not true. Some of course are hyperactive. But, every child who suffer from ADHD is not so. There are some who fail to focus and pay attention. These children display signs of lack of motivation. They get branded as children who lack the desire to do better in the exams or life’s tests.

The saddest thing of this disorder is Susan says, the children cannot behave better even if they want to. From her own experience she has seen that with the best intention she has failed to act normally to others. This has created a great trouble for her and for others. However, this is not a matter of will this is a matter of help. Such children need assistance.