External eye drops can be replaced by implantable prescription lenses. It’s being used to rectify astigmatism, vision problems, and distortion in individuals who have severe vision loss, farsightedness, or abnormalities. ICLs are surgically placed between both the iris as well as the original lens, unlike ordinary contact lenses. ICL treatment is a useful solution for those whose corneas are inappropriate for Laser Refractive Therapy in Hong Kong when it does not involve slicing into the eye. If you want to know about the implantable contact lens cost, then read forward.

What is the price?

Implantable eye drops cost around HKD 45,000 for one lens. This would cost HKD 80,000 including both eyes. This contains five required post-surgery review appointments to track your ocular condition’s progress. They are providing the best quality vision correction Hong Kong.

implantable contact lens cost

Who wants this Surgery?

  • People who have a significant level of myopia, vision problems, or severe astigmatism in their eyes.
  • Individuals who do not meet the criteria for laser eye surgery.
  • Individuals who struggle with blurry vision.
  • Those with a thin cornea.
  • Individuals who desire to cut down on their reliance on spectacles or corrective lenses.
  • People who work or intend to work in a regulated service environment.


  • The fact that ICL treatment is “regenerative” as well as non-invasive is by far a massive benefit.
  • This implies that ICL could be scrapped and replaced at any moment without causing corneal tissue injury or altering the architecture of your eyes.
  • Because the glass is not identified as a foreign entity by the body, there is a lower risk of rejection or inflammation.
  • ICL treatment is quick, taking only 5-10 minutes to conduct, with a quick recovery period and little chance of refusal.
  • The lens is much less prone to produce dry eyes, making it suitable for those who suffer from eye strain regularly.
  • You can wear these eye drops for the rest of your life because the wound is so little and painless.


In a nutshell, following implantation, there seems to be no influence on sports such as swimming as well as scuba, and it is especially appropriate for individuals working in regulated services. Several people claim to be able to go to work in a matter of days. Get this surgery from the best institute where your care is the priority of the helpers.