Pregnancy miscarriage is indeed a tragic end to a pregnancy; it is also called spontaneous abortion or pregnancy loss is the natural death of embryo or foetus before it is able to survive independently. It is certainly one of the panicky situations for expectant mothers and as per the research and findings, the first trimester of the pregnancy is very critical as the chance ofmishap is more than any otherduring the pregnancy.  The risks of miscarriage by day, week is highest first three month after conceiving. For the nonprofessional’s it is certainlydifficult to rule out the cause but it is important to take certain so that you can avoid or avert the situation.

To ascertain you here we bring you some of the causes and the symptoms so that you can easily prevent miscarriage. Each woman is different when it comes to impregnation and pregnancy as her body react differently thus it will be bias to judge two expectant motherswith same spectacle. It is certainly difficult to tell the exact cause. As said earlier, miscarriage may occur form may reason, and it is certainly difficult to identify the root cause of it.However, to acquaint you here we have compiled the list that depicts the cause of the pregnancy loss or rather potential reason for the same and the lists are as follows:

  • Hormonal issues
  • Certaininfection / may be due to some chronic health  conditions
  • Physical trauma i.e. accidents, falls, and physical abuse
  • Advanced age of mother
  • improper implantation of the egg in the uterine lining
  • poor diet and life style such as smoking

Apart from all this, it is certainly difficult to tell the exact cause and here we bring you some of the reasons that will help you understand when the risk of miscarriage is highest in the first three months of the pregnancy.In addition, it has been estimated that 22% and 75% of healthy women will miscarry between three and four weeks as there are various reasons that could be attributed for it.

The risk of miscarrying diminishes as the pregnancy proceeds and risks of miscarriage by day, week becomes less but it is important to take proper care. Having said that the risk of pregnancy reduced  in the second trimester of the pregnancy but as per the reports 10 % of the miscarriage happens in the second phase of the pregnancy i.e. second trimester. It is important for an expectant mother to take goodcare right diet and proper rest so that you can have the healthy baby.

It is understood it is certainly one of the most stressful period of the life but at the same time, it is one of the beautiful phase in the life of any women, thus is important to take care. One can also find tips and tricks for avoiding pregnancy but the golden rule is stay happy, as this will help in reducing the risk of pregnancy.