An amino acid originating from the African plant GriffoniaSimplicifolia, 5-HTP is an amino acid that effectively treats a wide range of disorders including anxiety, panic disorders, chronic headaches, insomnia and many more. Several research studies have indicated the beneficial effects of this supplement to successfully combat problems of depression and anxiety. Other clinical studies have shown this compound to effectively treat conditions of morning stiffness, pain, fatigue and anxiety from fibromyalgia. It shows similar effects with tricyclic antidepressant and monamine oxidase inhibitors. Combining this supplement with other essential vitamins and nutrients can ensure to provide the best results out of its use.

Later studies have also shown the beneficial effects of 5-HTP to treat conditions of insomnia. It improves conditions of rapid eye movement sleep making the individual feel refreshed and energized with a fresh and healthy mood to start the day’s work. Irrespective of the dosage intake for this supplement it is essential to lower caloric intake per day to derive positive results out of its use. However, people diagnosed for alcoholism, AIDS, severe allergies, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, hemophilia and lung or liver ailments should consult a medical practitioner before deciding to consume highly effective supplements like 5-HTP.


Making online purchase

There are several retail options available to potential customers of 5-HTP trying to obtain its beneficial effects. There are several physical stores which contain certain variety of this supplement in their vitamin section while most of the products sold in health stores tend to be overpriced. So, the online mode of purchase is the safest option to make as webstores provide bulk discounts on such products and also provide a cut on their delivery rates making it affordable and cheaper in case of lot purchase. Since this compound is available mostly in inedible form it is not possible to incorporate it into any kind of dietary regimen and can only be consumed as a supplement.

Proper dosage recommendations

As 5-HTP is known to be an unregistered supplement very little can be known about the proper dosage recommendation to be followed by users. The dosage levels vary according to the purpose for which it is used. According to health guides the dosage level should vary from 50mg to 400 mg while treated for depression. Whereas in case of suppressing appetite the initial recommended dosage is about 50 mg taken three times daily and can be increased up to 900 mg per day gradually.

However, a general recommended dosage has been prescribed by professionals and medical practitioners through trial and error method. Beginners should start off with 50 mg to 100 mg capsules taken thrice daily. Although no maximum dosage has been fixed most authorities recommend not increasing the dosage beyond 300 mg per day. For those taking the help of this supplement for weight loss should lower caloric intake per day to get desired results. In case any adverse reaction is observed the dosage must be decreased to the level where the maximum benefit was obtained.