Without surgery, thermage FLX raises and strengthens skin, reduces cheekbones, and reduces the appearance of a double chin. Skin tightening devices are an additional piece of equipment that has piqued the interest of many people. Because it can aid in the restoration of cells deep underneath the skin. Solve skin problems by getting to the root of the issue. It is sometimes said to aid in the improvement of the face. and easily appear younger. There are numerous types of skin-lifting instruments available today. But the computer that is generating the most buzz right now is the new FLX of this kind. That has been continuously developed over the last nearly two decades until it is capable of being the machine that produces the most efficient results.

What specifically is thermage?

It is a non-surgical method of raising and strengthening the skin. It also stimulates collagen production beneath the skin. Aids in the sagging of facial skin. Return tighter and tighter. Make your face slender and beautiful by adjusting its shape. It also aids in the reduction of surplus fat on the face, especially around the jowls and chin. It may further restore the skin’s radiance, reduce signs of aging, and overall make the skin look younger. It is a risk-free technology. high since it has been approved through both the United States Food and Drug Administration alongside the Thai FDA.

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How does it work?

It works by delivering radio frequency energy (RF) to the dermis of the skin, which includes elastin, collagen, and collagen and fat layers. The radio rate of the power is converted to heat energy when the instruments are fired across the skin. Collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated to contract. and has a more compact spiral consequently, these filaments adhere to the surface better.

As a consequence, the face will look firmer, the skin tighter, and the skin will be more toned. Furthermore, energy promotes the synthesis of new collagen as well as elastin, resulting in youthful-looking facial skin. flexible Look more clearly. Additionally, the heat energy aids in the reduction of accumulated fat.

What is the quality of said FLX?

These skin-lifting electronic devices have been around since the year 2003 and have become more efficient over time. New models are constantly being developed; the most recent device available is the FLX, which went on sale in 2018.

This FLX is an innovative machine designed to be more efficient. The dark purple tip is used to let energy through the skin of this new model. grew to become larger FLX means FASTER ALGORITHM expertise to deliver energy more efficiently than before. It is quicker, less uncomfortable, and more comfortable.