These are the pills which come under anabolic steroids. They are not over the counter drugs but they have to be prescribed by a medical practitioner to be used and the with the recommended dosage. These drugs were initially manufactured for the medical complications occurring in humans due to genetic defects or due surgery or chronic ailments that were hard to cure and treat with the existing drugs available during that period. Hence scientists and pharmaceutical companies came together to research and work on certain chemical compositions that work exactly like human hormones and even better. As human hormones would secreted into the blood only a certain amount this may vary according to body constitution and genetics. So set things right and to bring things into perspective the scientists took up the laborious task of getting right drug and approval from the FDA for human and animal treatment.

Medical usage

This drug is widely used to gain weight back after chronic diseases have left the body wasted and emancipated for long. Diseases such as AIDS and cancer leave the patient void of strength and muscle wasting is caused.This drug is also used when there is constant joint pains caused due to osteoporosis. It is a great pain reliever in such cases. Post a surgery, due to heavy blood loss and quick recovery is required this drug comes a great solution for patients to recuperate faster. This drug also helps in the recovery of patients who had the ill effects of using the corticosteroids for a long time.


This drug has been used to treat the patients with Turner’s syndrome which is usually found in young girls and women. These patients have a problem in growth of height. This drug acts just like a male hormone in the body but with more effectiveness.

Why it’s popular

It is also known as oxandrolone and milder in version of other anabolic steroids found in the market. Unlike other steroids it does not increase the estrogen levels that would bring about feminine characteristics for a male user but it is DHT based anabolic steroid which makes it more popular in usage to other kinds that prevalent.

However there could be no assurance that Anavar pills help during the bulking stages of bodybuilding or stacking them with other supplements would help.

Anavar pills are consumed mostly during the off season, that is when they don’t have competitions lined up. Also during the bulking phase. The best part of these pills that they don’t have water retention process in the body and thus allowing a toned muscle growth and faster fat loss in the body. The break down of muscle is slowed down because of the property known as sex hormone binding globulin.

Anavar pills are the safest options for females for bulking and commonly used by women all over to get a toned and fit body. It has been seen that minimal side effects occurred and gave excellent results compared to other steroids in the market.