Basic instructions may be simpler. However, getting good results will take time and training, as is the most useful practice. Learn Benefits of meditation before reading.

If you’re reluctant to learn to meditate because you think it’s a religious act and you’re an atheist, or it’s not part of your religion, you can relax. The only religion is a meditation if you use it this way. In its own way, it’s a way to calm the mind, whether it’s outside stimuli like radio and television, or talking to others; or on different occasions when nothing is happening, stop the internal conversation you have with yourself.

  • Before you start looking, find a 20-minute block of time that you can keep every day to avoid being disturbed. Inform all occupants, who are not available, every day, at this time.
  • Turn off all phones and out of the stimuli. If you think lying down, you can sleep very quickly, so sit on a chair. Sit in the right posture, in your hands, palm down, resting on the top of your knees.
  • Leave your abdominal muscles completely, as you breathe under your lungs for a change. Rest your stomach on the top of your thighs. Your neck muscles will keep your head normal and your back muscles will keep your posture upright. If you can not exceed 20 minutes without supporting your back seat, then lean back, but try to sit upright, a little longer each day, until you can do it in full meditation.
  • Right, let’s start: Take it into your lungs and feel the air fall, lifting your stomach. Continue to heal by feeling the middle and then the top of your lungs to expand completely. At this point, start slowly and force the wind, from the top of the lungs, middle, and finally down, where you bend your muscles in the stomach, enter, to completely empty your lungs. Release the muscles and repeat the process. Count on four, silently, every time you exhale, as well as inhalation.

Your goal is to experience your breathing and counting. Breathe rhythmically and slowly. The only thought should be on your breath and your count, so thoughts enter, gently release them and focus again on your breath. Click here now for Benefits of meditation to know more. As simple as this simple concept is simple, you may be wondering how often your thoughts will interfere with you. Each time, it is enough to refocus. Your concentration skills will gradually improve. You now know how to do meditation.