The brits have an addiction to indulging in comfort food, and might as well this is a perfect time to pull together the best british comfort list that you might find interesting to read.

During sunday lunch, 43 percent of the brits prefer roasted beef that is shared among their families. Although it is nothing new and has become a national identity for the brits to have a feast after church every sunday, the sunday roast is one of the most favorite comfort food for them for many reasons while there are around 35 percent of brits, on the other hand, english loves a jam and clotted cream, as well as apple,  crumble according to surveys.

When it comes to comfort food, the brits also love a chocolate brownie, cheesecake, and victoria sponge which are all desserts while the rest of the population prefers to sink their teeth in steaks, ale pie, and beef wellington.

Also, the preference of comfort food for many british have changed over the years, now they love thai curries, mexican food, and asian foods but that does not mean that they have forgotten what food tastes like at home.

Also, you would not be surprised that the british also loves tea. They always wake up in the morning and brew tea instead of coffee, and in fact, there are 41 percent of british prefers a cup of tea over a cup of coffee at any given time. Only 29 percent of british drinks coffee according to the statistics.

baked comfort food

There were some who even joked that great britain will stand to a halt if the country stops grinding tea leaves. Tea has become a regular staple for the majority of the british population anywhere you go in the british isles.

This statistic was revealed after 10 percent of the british population cannot cook, the majority are men, but 52 percent say they can cook more than a dozen dish from scratch while 32 percent claim that they all know how to cook all of the british comfort foods.

To give you an idea what are the best british ever favorite best baked goods recipes are; check out the list below.

Fish and chips

Considered a classic. This british favorite is made up of fish and chips that are deep fried into perfection. These are the usual food that is served in pubs, football games, and weekend gatherings.


Considering that india was a former colony of the british before, a lot of indian as well as pakistani people migrated to the british isles and slowly influenced a lot of people with their culinary tradition, no wonder curry regardless if it is chicken, lamb, or beef, most british would eat it and treat it as their baked comfort food.

The full english breakfast

Eating breakfast is very important, that is why the british people made sure it will always be special. A full english breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, tea or coffee, biscuits, hash browns, tomatoes and a lot of regional variants from different areas of the british isles.