We drink tea for various reasons – some take it to keep warm on a cozy night, some to ward off cold or flu, and some to shed weight. And everycause is equivalent to a specific kind of tea. Therefore you need to choose the right tea if you want to efficiently ward off illnesses or lose a couple of pounds. So before you start go to a tea shop in Singapore, know the difference between a strong black tea from a subtle white tea. You don’t want to be using your hard earned money on something that you will not love drinking. Good thing we have a guide to selecting the perfect tea. Consider it a quick course to everything about drinking tea.

Black tea

Some may not be a fan of this beverafe for its intense flavor but with its tons of health benefits, you’ll probably reconsider buying one. It can moisturize dry skin, boost the dry strands of your hair, and aid in weight loss. This tea is perfect if you are looking for an alternative to coffee since it comes with just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It gives you the right energy boost you need to jumpstart your day.

Green tea

Speeds up weight loss as well as improves metabolism – these are only some of the reasons why a lot of health enthusiasts are a fan of green tea. This thirst quencher is traditionally steamed to acquire its soothing earthy flavor. It even has less caffeine as compared to a regular cup of Joe or a mug of black tea, so it best fits people who want to lessen their coffee intake. If you want to have a better immune system, include it in your daily routine. It is even great for maintaining the blood sugar levels of your body. Add some fruit flavors on the cup of green teato get a silky smooth flavor.

White tea

For those who are interested in keeping their youthful glow, do not forget to grab white tea on the upcoming visit in a tea shop in Singapore. It is a great choice for mending damaged skin or protecting it from damaging results of ultraviolet light. Whit tea can even defend your skin and reverse various skin damages. It is a perfect sourceof antioxidants, so it is a perfect choice for thosewho want to detoxify their body or improve their complexion. For adelicious twist, include some fruit flavors.


Yerba mate

Yerba mate is well known in South American. It is made out of the Ilex paraguariensis tree’s leaves. It is aflavorful brew that ishighly recommended for itprovides even more energy compared to other drinks like coffee or black tea. Plus, it is a nutritious drink that is loaded with vitamins like B5, B2, as well as B3. It also has magnesium, iron, and manganese.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos is 1 of the best addition in the market. This one is an herbal tea that contains a nutty and silky taste. This beverage is grown exclusively in Cederberg Mountains region of South Africa. Rooibos is naturally dried and even fermented until it reaches a deep red color. It is caffeine-free, and is rich in antioxidants. Drinking rooibos tea will certainly promote healthy digestion, help improve your immune system, fight off allergies, and improve your skin.

Other benefits include of rooibos:

  • Relieves hypertensive conditions
  • Prevents cardiovascular conditions
  • Improves bone health

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