Everyone knows, mother’s milk is the best choice to feed the children. They need proper nutrition for their body and brain development. Lacking of brain development is the common problem appeared in a malnutrition child.  It is the duty of the mother to maintain her health so only she can able to feed her child. But you cannot tell it is possible to feed the children for every time. Conditions and situations may differ everywhere.  A mother may be affected with fever and other disease after the birth of the child makes her not able to feed. Not only the fever and disease, but also many reasons are available what makes a mother not able to feed her child. Bottle feeding will be the solution for these problems. In those times, cow’s milk is what mostly preferred by all the mothers. Feeding cow’s milk is available in the practise since long time.

                 People show extra care in selecting anything for our child. Parents try to provide the best in everything. In order to make them strong and healthy, they concentrate more in their foods. They decide what their children have to eat and what not. There are many baby products and food materials available in the market such as baby milk powder. But parents are very specific in selecting them.  Basically these foods are manufactured with best baby formula. They produce no allergies to the children and also help to increase the strength and immune system. Baby foods are available in powdered form; you can feed your children by mixing it with water. Tilt the feeding bottle two to three times before feeding the children.  Nothing in the world is equal to mother’s milk but these baby foods in the markets are advisable to feed as an alternate. Now days, doctors are advising all the mothers to prefer these kind of foods as an alternate.


              You can found two types of milk powder in the market. One is made of milk and other is made of soy. If your children don’t like the taste of milk flavor or you found allergies of milk, it is better to feed them with soy flavor. These baby foods are fully enriched with vitamins and minerals. You can easily found baby foods according to age. The usage of these food products are increased since the last three decades.  If you found any allergies in feed in these baby foods, it is better to stop feeding and consult the doctor. Feed your children less, if your child vomits. Excess feeding is not good for their health. Many problems may arise as the result of over feeding

    If you don’t have any idea in choosing the food, it is better to ask the fellow mother or doctor.  They will recommend the best product in the market. Ensure the protein and calorie content in the foods before buying them.  The best food helps in rapid and good development of your children.  Buying the cheap baby foods is not a wise idea. Buy the best product in the market.