As a space-travelling cannabis enthusiast, one must always be willing to try new things. The world of cannabis is ever-growing and changing, with all kinds of options popping up every week. I was feeling a bit adventurous this week and decided it was time to push the limits on my vape cartridge choices. This led me to purchase a Delta-8 from Beantown Organics as well as their Sour Space Candy cartridges.


The cartridges arrived promptly in the mail, looking very professional and clean out of the box. I went for the delta eight first because who wouldn’t want something that tastes like skittles? The look of the oil inside was extraordinarily vibrant, and clouds were forming just by breathing near it. A quick pop onto my battery, and I was vaping away. As expected from the smell, the first hit was a sweet lemon flavour with a bit of tart to it as well. The delta eight cartridges smelled so wonderful that my roommate even wanted a few hits off of it as well. I think he thinks I’ve been hiding candy from him or something because his reaction seemed genuine when tasting this delicious treat that only Beantown Organics could have created.

Delta-8 prerolls


Delta 8 smells and taste just like skittles

After being thoroughly impressed by the first cartridge, the next day, I decided to pop on the Delta-8. Out of all of my experiences vaping cannabis oil, this had to be one of the unique flavours out there (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot!) It was like vaping fresh cut pine trees, not in an unpleasant way but still very interesting. The flavour of the Delta-8 cartridge was deep and earthy. Each hit brings out different nuances that I would have never expected from this kind of pre-roll. Visit Website 


A vape cartridge with pine tree tasting cannabis oil?

Overall, I will be ordering both cartridges again. Although one pack may seem expensive at first ($55), each cartridge is good for over 200 hits which adds up to 4 times the traditional pre-rolls. Also, after trying their delta 8, you really can’t go back to any other manufacturers that claim they taste just as good, considering Beantown Organics nailed it on the first try. I would recommend this company to anyone who enjoys trying new vape cartridges because that’s what they are- an experience just waiting for you.