Did you skip your monthly period and is thinking that you have conceived. Don’t panic any more, it’s a simple device now that would say you with a confirmation that if you are pregnant or not. While my pregnancy I skipped my dates for some 4 weeks but with a doubt I was not followed up properly. That made me into confusion by thinking how many weeks pregnant am I. later when I got disclosed about this pregnancy calculator, it was probably one of the happiest time of my life. Because I got an appropriate date of my delivery with the time I have conceived.

How helpful is this?

This otherwise is also called a fertility calculator. With this you can indeed avoid visiting a doctor several times. This calculator is quite a healthy way to manage with calculating an estimated due date with even the age of your baby. What all you need to do with this is just enter the first date of your last menstrual cycle and click on the calculate button. The benefit is along with the due date you are also going to get an estimate of the conception date with the gestational age. This calculator is going to provide with only an estimate of the date based on averages and must be treated with such. After that you need to consult an obstetrician for a proper diagnosis process.

Using these pregnancy calculators

For using these pregnancy or fertility calculator is quite easy. This primarily is being used for determination of due date and calculate with the perfect conception date. Even this machine is going to calculate the end of the first and second trimesters that would determine the weeks when you are pregnant. Simultaneously this is also going to estimate the fetal age and calculate the weeks when you are getting pregnant on a given date. Today you are going to have a lot or varieties of pregnancy calculator in market as well as online. But before you are buying one, it is must that you check out the really active ones.

Priority of pregnancy calculator

We do consider a complete menstrual cycle for 28 days  but at the same time it last from a little with less on 22 days and might even extend for 44 days. This pregnancy calculator with take menstrual cycle into account when you are calculating the due date with the date of conception. Apart from that, the pregnancy calculator even needs to take on the menstrual cycle into account when you are calculating the conception date from the given birthday or the due date. But what you need to remember is the date of your monthly cycle which need to be accurate so as the result will also be accurate.

Though fertilization is a natural process and that manages the complete ovulation which is the development of the egg to a fetus. This calculator is going to bring on a satisfaction to confirm you with the time you have conceived and provide you an appropriate delivery date.