Pediatric oncologist deals with the treatment of the cancer or any blood diseases in the children’s. Cancer in the children’s are known as the childhood cancer or pediatric cancer. Children’s of the age 0-14 years are considered under this and if case required than young adults of the age between 15-19 years are also taken into consideration. There are many types of cancer that can affect the children’s and some of the most commonly affected cancer are as follows: lymphomas ( there has a chance of 11% in effecting the children’s), brain tumors ( there  has a chance of 18%) and leukemia( there is a chance of 32% mostly, to occur in the children’s) and other than this there are also some other cancer diseases that has less chance of effecting the children’s like: Germ cell tumor, Wilms tumor, Retinoblastoma, Pleuropulmonary blastoma and many other, etc. and the salary sumo of the pediatric oncologist usually depends and varies from time to time.

An oncologist can choose his career line in doing specialization in pediatric anytime throughout his career. Oncologist has to stay board certified throughout their career life.  And after his studies career when it comes to the practical life, pediatric oncologist can earn $274,859 per annually, and $132 per hour, this the average salary. The median salary is not the representation of the average salary but instead it is the mid-point of a set of data. Usually the average salary range differs from $221,189 – $349,043 annually and hourly rate differs from $106 – $168. The lowest salary till now for a pediatric oncologist is  $172,326 annually and $83 per hour similarly the highest salary for a pediatric oncologist is  $416,583 annually and $200 per hour. In the staring of their career life, in the practical field the pediatric are considered as under the bottom of the 10th percentile on the basis of their salary but ones they become the old member in this field and start working for decades, the pediatric oncologist will be only the top earner or will be in the top 10th percentile who will be earning $416,583 annually which is equal to $200 per hour in their professional career.

And the total package of any professional salary is the true value of his/her position, at which he is currently at. And this total package usually includes, social security, retirement, bonuses, time off and other all facilities that all are required or should be provided or deserving for the correct position, at which is standing now or have worked very hard to reach there. Oncology has been combined with the physician and surgeon by the Bureau of Labor statistics. And the cities with highest salary sumo in the field of pediatric oncology are: Terre Haute, Indiana; Pocatello, Idaho; Napa, California; Michigan City, Indiana. Usually states , outside the India are followed and have a very good career life in this sought of field. And whoever want to make their career life, especially in the pediatric oncologist should study outside the India, where they will find out more scope and facilities.