A double chin may make you look fatter than you are and sometimes even more aged than you actually are. If you are depressed due to your double chin, don’t.

There are many treatments available and even some effective exercises for double chin. But before knowing about them, let’s see what its different causes are.

Causes of Double Chin

As everyone knows, a double chin is formed when a layer of fat is built below the chin. This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily fat if you have a double chin.

There are many different factors that contribute to the formation of a double chin knowing about which may help you get rid of your double chin faster and more easily.


Sometimes people may develop a double chin even due to genetics. This means that if you have a family history of double chins or skin with low elasticity, you are more likely to develop a double chin.

Diet and Weight

As mentioned earlier, extra weight doesn’t necessarily cause a double chin. However, it can cause it too.

If you are taking a diet high in unhealthy fats and processed foods, and overall more calories, you soon may gain weight and can get a double chin too.


As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. This may cause extra or sagging skin below the chin that can cause a double chin.


Yes, even poor posture can cause a double chin because it can weaken the muscles of your chin and neck. When these muscles are not used, the skin loses elasticity and over time, this causes a double chin.


As such you can choose an option like double chin reduction Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or at your trusted local cosmetic clinic. But you can also try a few easy exercises with which you can try to reduce your double chin.

Although it has not been proved that these exercises can reduce the double chin in the form of scientific research, there are anecdotal evidences that prove this.

Rotating Head and Jaw

This is a warm up exercise which you should do before you start your other exercises so as to avoid any injury.

Gently rotate your head forward and down and afterwards back and up in a circular, clockwise motion. Reverse the direction after a few rotations.

In the same way, rotate your jaw too. Stretch it and then gently extend it left, then forward, then right and then back. Hold the jaw in each of these positions for a second or two.

This exercise will warm your muscles up and make them ready for the next exercises.

Squeezing a Ball

Keep an easy-to-squeeze ball with a diameter of 5-10 inches (depending upon your comfort level) near a place where you’ll exercise. Sit down with your shoulders relaxed and back straight.

Now place the ball under your chin. With your chin, push down the ball with a firm, steady motion. Repeat 10 to 30 times during each sitting.

Yawn Like a Lion

Open your mouth wide sticking your tongue out as far as you can, just as a lion yawns. This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles of chin, face and neck.

There are several procedures like thread lift Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne to contour your face. So, cheer up, you can look slim and young, anyway!