Teenage drug abuse is constantly rising which not only affect the teenagers but it is also badly effecting the future of the society as well. Teenagers have to face a number of difficulties because of the drug abuse including poor academic performance, mental and physical health issues, poor relationships, along with the involvement in criminal activities which destroys the future of the teenagers as well.

Where academic institutions are playing its role by performing regular saliva drug tests, we being the parents and as the regular part of the society, have to take part in the control and eradication of teenage substance abuse so that our society can prosperous and flourish.


Consequences of Teenage Substance Abuse:

Teenagers have to face a number of problems when they start to fall for the substance and drug abuse. Below are listed some of the consequences of teenage substance abuse among the society:

  1. Academics:

Substance abuse affects the academic performance of the teenagers to a great extent. Using the drugs constantly make the teenagers focus on more on other activities than on studies which may result in declining grades and poor class performance. Moreover, teenagers have to face problems in accomplishing assignments because they cannot focus properly which also results in absenteeism. This result in broad social effects in the long run.

  1. Physical Health:

The physical health of the teenagers are also compromised because of drug abuse and drug addiction. As the brain of such teenagers are not in the right state, they may got indulged in accidents. Moreover, diseases involved with the drug abuse also find its way to the people at such a young age. Problems like asthma, cancer, etc. all effect the teenagers having drug abuse. Moreover, suicide, accidents, homicide and illness can also be caused because of this very problem.

  1. Mental Health:

The adolescence is the age when the brain is still under development and indulging in the drugs can destroy the normal mental development which results in various mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, apathy and psychological dysfunction are a part of this process. These mental problems can also force the addicts in suicidal attempts and lack of motivation. Drug abuse also effects the learning ability, short and long term memory and other normal brain processes.

  1. Social Problems:

Drug addict teenagers can be a burden on the family and can involve in criminal activities which can be disastrous for the whole society.