If you are the type of person who likes to meditate, you know how useful it can be to your daily life. There is something restorative and beneficial about taking time out of each day to be quiet and mindful. Mindfulness is important to overall health. It’s not only about your emotional health, but your physical health as well. If you are not someone who meditates, you should consider starting. There are many different kinds of meditation you can try.

Mindfulness meditation deals with being aware of your surroundings and of your body. It is one that focuses on listening to your thoughts, processing them, and dealing with them. Other types of meditation that are more based on Zen principles emphasize a lack of thought. Such principles focus on clearing your head. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need peace and quiet.

Creating Quiet

If you live somewhere that is in the country and removed from any nearby roads, you might have some quiet simply by turning your television off. However, if you are like most people, you have roommates, neighbours, and/or children. They are going to make it much more difficult to find lasting quiet time. The best way to achieve some is to manufacture it. ZenPlugs creates an incredible moulded earplug that will allow you to create some peace and quiet.

Moulded Earplugs

The most common kind of earplug is the orange foam plug that you can buy for a few pence. They don’t block sound very well, don’t conform to your ear very well, and ultimately don’t last long. The other kind of ear plugs are the hard plastic ones. They don’t fit in your ear well either, and are also uncomfortable.

A moulded earplug is the most effective way to comfortably block sound. In fact, your ear plugs should be so comfortable that you can sleep in them. To be comfortable and block sound effectively, they need to be made of two components. Ear plugs need to have a responsive foam that expands to fill the ear canal. The foam will help keep the plug in your ear, make it comfortable to use, and block some of the sound.

Plastic Blocks Sound


Typically, the best foams for ear plugs are ones that require you to wet them slightly before putting them in your ear. Such a requirement indicates they are very elastic and will conform to the ear. The other part of the plug needs to be a plastic component. The plastic component will keep the foam in place and help it hold its form. It also will do the lion’s share of the noise cancellation. Foam is great for dulling noise, but only a non-porous substance like plastic can block the most sound.

Once you have found the perfect moulded ear plugs, you’ll be able to focus on your meditation. As little as ten minutes a day can actually improve your overall mood, lower your heart rate, and boost your job satisfaction. The research is clear: meditation is good for you. You need peace and quiet in your life.