Delectable pizzas rule almost every heart.

It is so much popular that many people throw pizza parties for their friends and acquaintances. Maybe you have also thrown it for your acquaintances, if not then you must have heard about such parties, for sure.

People are so much fond of it that they just look for occasions to have it.

So, if this rules your heart also, I am not a bit surprised by your revelation, but amused to hear it because this rules my heart as well.

Now, I would want to reveal you an interesting fact about the pizzas that will amaze you – many pizza lovers eat this delectable food, but they cannot tell you the different varieties of pizzas available in the global market.

As when you love somebody, you want to know almost everything about that person, therefore, you must know almost everything about the things that you love.

You hold with me, I know. Though I believe you know about most of the varieties of the yummy pizzas, I would want to apprise you about some amazingtypes of pizzas that you will love to read about.

I can understand how excitingit is to learn about new pizza types if you are a true pizza lover. However, I would want to start with its history so that you can prove amid people that nobody is arealfanof the delicacy as you are.

The pizza’s origin and history

The first mention of pizza is found in Gaeta in AD 997. However, calling this to be its origin time would be wrong because Italian archaeologists have found the proof of bread bakes over 7,000 years ago in Sardinia. So, we can only estimate its source and can say this belongs to the prehistoric period.

When it comes to the derivation of the word, again we don’t have much. How the word was derived is quite uncertain. Some have to believe it is the combination of Italian word “Pie” and Latin word “Pitch.” On the other hand, some people think that this is the combination of Italian “Pie’ and Greek “Pitta.”

Though this has been eaten for centuries, this has earned enormous popularity in the present age and become globally famous and recognized.

Some Great Pizza varieties

Potato Gold Pizza

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It is quite famous in Los Angeles, especially in Koreatown. Its crispy taste gives great satisfaction to the taste buds. Potato wedges, corn, onion, bacon, sour cream, and mushrooms are used as toppings. 

Caviar Pizza-

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Russian vodka and caviar make this pizza mouthwatering. Its taste will give great satisfaction to your heart.


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This delicious pizza has an interesting story behind its name. It is said to date back to the 19th century. It was prepared in Italy by Raffaele Esposito in honor ofQueen Margherita, and that is the reason it was named as Margherita.

BBQ Chicken Pizza 

Image Courtesy- pinchofyum 

Because of its incredible taste, Barbecuechicken pizza rules the hearts of non-veg lovers. It is one of the most demanded pizza types in the world. Once you have it, you will want to have it more. 

Thin-Crust PizzaImage Credit-

This is quite popular in Ghana. This gives the taste of Ghana. Having it is a great experience, and you would find it difficult to resist yourself from having more. However, chances will be meager that you will be capable of having the second all. 

Tomato Pie

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Tomato pie featuring focaccia-like dough and loads of sweet and tangy tomato sauce is known for its mouthwatering taste. At several places, people top it with cheese and tomato sauce as well.


Image Credit- mentalfloss

Stromboli dates back to 1950. It is an invention of Romano’s Italian Restaurant. This won the heart of pizza lovers and got an identity amongst one of the most famous pizza types. Having it with a cold drink will give you immense pleasure and change your mood completely.

These were just some great pizza types. Like these, there are many. So, next time when you want to try out some exotic pizza to change your mood, or you can say to elevate your mood and stay happy, do enquire about different pizza types available at the restaurants.

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Enjoy your pizza experience!