Dr. Mukkamala is a radiologist with more than three decades of experience. Based in Flint, Michigan, he works at Hurley Medical Center as chairman of the radiology department. Commonly recognized for his skills, he has received many awards and recognitions such as the Hurley Medical Center Pinnacle Award and the Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine, offered by the American Medical Association. In addition, he has also received the Rotary Foundation International Award, the Mother India International Award and the Clement A. Alfred Humanitarian Award due to his support for the society and the charitable causes.

Born in Budhavaram, of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India, Apparao Mukkamala has owned leadership designations within several professional organizations, including the Michigan State Medical Society, the Michigan Council on Graduate Medical Education, and the American Medical Association. He finished his radiology residency at Hurley Medical Center and owns board certification in nuclear radiology, radiology, and pediatric radiology. Committed to repay to his community, he founded Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage, an orphanage that offers shelter, food, health care, and education for orphans. Chinmaya Vijaya teaches young girls self-esteem and traditional values to help them grow into socially responsible residents. Situated on a five acre area of donated land, the orphanage includes plush vegetation and picturesque views of a theme park and local entertainment. Children start the day with yoga and meditation and attend school during the day. The children here also enjoy recreational activities, such as learning classical Indian dance and playing outdoors. He also enjoys the designation of treasurer of the Chinmaya Organization of Rural Development.

Radiologist, Philanthropist

Apart from finding the orphanage, Mukkamala is the primary founder of the NRI Academy of Sciences. It has been founded with a goal of turning out qualified physicians capable of satisfying the essential purposes of practicing medicine. Graduates of the NRI Academy of Sciences not only receive the skills essential to perform in their selected area of practice but have also been trained in their separate and joint social responsibility. In addition to a 950-bed general hospital, the NRI Academy of Sciences functions a specialist center that accommodates the NRI Heart and Research Center, a compound of experts and amenities equipped to treat a range of cardiovascular diseases.

Apparao completed his education from Guntur Medical College. He obtained his medical degree only at the age of 22. After which he migrated to the United States and start practicing radiology. After completing his undergraduate medical education from India, he relocated to the United States to complete internship from St. Margaret’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He then did one year of surgical residency at Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and a radiology residency at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. As the president of Michigan’s Associated Radiologists of Flint, Dr. Mukkamala has supervised a team of extremely competent and skilled medical imaging professionals. At present, he maintains memberships in seven different national and regional professional medical associations.

Thus,  Apparao Mukkamala is not only a world famous radiologist but also a philanthropist and a dream doer.