Summers make everyone tired and thirsty. The scorching summer heat is the perfect time to drink a few refreshing summer drinks. It is that time of the year when we crave for something cool to soothe our body.

However summers are also the time when we tend to fall sick as well. It is the ideal season for stomach upsets if you do not eat right. Well if you have a habit of drinking one or two glasses or cold drink or roadside fruit juices it is time you put a stop to them and drink some homemade healthy cool summer drinks. Looking for something tasty for your summer palate? Here are some summer drinks recipe in hindi that will surely quench your summer thirst:

  1. The classic lemonade: This is something that never fails. Take ample lemon coupled with a little bit of salt and sugar and add water to it. The trick to make the lemonade recipe work is to make sure that you stir it well. Half dissolved sugar can totally ruin the perfect lemonade. And well if you like your lemonade with some fizz in it then you can add some soda in it as well. It is best if you avoid water when you add soda to it. Mint leaves can be used for garnishing which give a different twist to this classic drink.

  2. Watermelon juice: The best way to keep it healthy and get the nutrition of summer fruits is by going for a healthy glass of watermelon juice. Dice the water melon and keep it in the refrigerator. Then add just a few grains of sugar in it and put the watermelon mixture in the juicer mixer or your mixer. Mix it for a couple of minutes, until it achieves a thick consistency and then serve it cool!
  3. Mausambi or sweet lemon juice: This is another great choice for the summer months especially to have after your breakfast. It is very simple to mix. Squeeze the sweet lemons and extract all the juice from it. If the lemon juice is not sweet enough then you can add a little bit of sugar to it and then stir it. You can add basil leaves to it. Refrigerate for about half an hour and then serve it.
  4. Pineapple mojito: This non alcoholic fruit drink is a favourite of all drinks recipes for summer in hindi. Take some freshly cut pineapple pieces and grind them in the mixer. Add some soda or water to it and mint leaves. A few pieces of lime can be used for garnishing to make the ideal summer drink!
  5. Mango milkshake: If you want a hearty summer drink for your breakfast then this is a very good option. Take the pulp of mango, add some milk and sugar to it and grind it in the mixer. Do add some ice cubes as well when you mix it. Serve it with a thick consistency for a great taste.

So these are some really awesome drink recipes that you can try out for your summer days.