Once one conceives a baby, one should be very careful for every step that they take in this tenure.

During pregnancy, the mother and the baby both are prone to catch outside infections. That is why; they need to stay safe all the time. If there is an infection attack, it can affect both the mother and the baby. So to stay away from infection attacks, one needs to make some healthy choices once they know they are pregnant. Also when it comes to medication, one has to be very careful. They need to take even all the simple steps carefully. For complicated problems like HIV/Aids medicine one definitely needs to take a doctor’s help.

Many people advice you to eat more because you have another life growing inside you. Do not ever do that. Your gynaecologist will tell you much intake you need on an everyday basis to keep yourself fit and fine. At the same the gynaecologist can suggest you a dietician who will take care of your daily protein and calcium intake of your body so that the growing foetus can get nutrition from it. So eating too much is not at all the solution. Eating in right portion is what matters.

In the entire tenure of pregnancy, a lady has to consume at least 55 thousand extra calories to reproduce a healthy baby. This means, they have to consume 300 calories extra every single day. This is not much. If you know correctly then it is just an apple or a slice of bread or a glass of low fat milk which you have to consume extra. That’s it. But at the same time, the need to consume amounts of minerals and vitamins increase a lot. So one has to consume healthy food and not extra food. Fresh and colourful fruits, green vegetables, legumes, whole grains will make way to your regular eating routine and multivitamin supplements will be your daily need now.

If you are in a regular regime of exercise, it will strengthen your muscles. So, you can better be able to cope with the pains and aches that happen due to pregnancy. If you do stretches and yoga on a regular basis, then it can reduce your back pain and improves the circulation in your body. On the other hand swimming can strengthen the power of abdominal muscles. Exercising on a regular basis can lower your stress level. You can also hand mood swings better which is a common thing in pregnancy. It keeps you in better spirits.

Sleep is very important in pregnancy. You cannot sacrifice your sleep no matter how busy your life is. Otherwise it can lead to pregnancy fatigues and it can make your labour even more strenuous at the time of delivery. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day and that too; a proper sound sleeps.

HIV in pregnancy medicine is a very complicated dose. So one has to be very careful when they are taking it. The doctors know the best and so relying on them is the easiest thing.