When you are in an emergency you won’t want to get to a hospital or clinic, that makes you wait in the emergency room for hours. No one likes it. But the reality is harsh. With so many cases of emergencies coming to any average clinic or hospital every day in a busy place like the New York City, it gets tough for the medical staff there to attend all cases on time. As a result people have to suffer. Many succumb to the injuries while many perish. If you don’t want this to happen with your loved one, you must take care to store a number or contact information which you may contact in medical emergencies. Contact centers like Upper West Side NY Urgent Care in New York City is one of such centers which provides services to patients immediately. A patient should not have to wait for long hours to get a doctor or nurse attending her, when she is in emergency.

The true emergency understood by staffs the right way

An emergency means it is urgent, and needs immediate attention. If you don’t get it, your health and well being is at stake. You condition may get worsened and you may also get into a severe untreatable state. Hence any sort of emergency must be treated with care.

What exactly you from a medical center need in emergencies?

Thankfully staffs at some of the New York medical centers, like the Upper West Side NY Urgent Care and their branches at places across the city, understands the value of every minute. That is why when you go to any such centre you get total care with facilities that are much needed at such hours. You would definitely want the medical center to offer you the following:

  • Best infrastructure to handle any sort of medical emergency
  • Best medical staffs who are board certified to handle your case singly or as a team
  • Immediate attention to you without wasting a minute
  • A solution for all types of cases however mild or severe it is
  • Sitting and waiting lounge for the person accompanying the patient with needed amenities like WiFi internet and television.
  • Medicines available with their dedicated pharmacies
  • Open during extended hours and open all days through the year.

If you get all these amenities at one place, then that will be the best place for you to go for any small and big problem. First you need the instant care, and later you may decide how you want to go with the further prolonged treatment to some conditions. But if there is a delay to instant care and treatment, many problems may complicate and sufferings may multiply many times for the patient and his loved ones.


You must always keep the phone number of such a facility at hand. You would never know when you may need it, and when you are in a crunch, things may not be working too smooth to get the best medical center phone number handy. Keeping such a number on phone helps you get an instant appointment. Rather with centers like Upper West Side NY Urgent Care you don’t even need an appointment; you may straightaway take the patient to such place and get attended.