An American diet consists of essential nutrients that can sustain the good health of people. But, many people may encounter deficiency of key nutrients like Vitamin B12 due to low absorption as result of issues like;

  • Age: The increasing age is a common cause of B12 deficiency as it cannot absorb it well.
  • Medical Issues: Health issues like surgery (gastric bypass) or celiac disease can lower the absorption rate of the vitamin B12 leading to its deficiency.
  • Use of Medication: Some medicines like Metformin (that treats PCOS, diabetes), heartburn medicines, and antibiotics can lead to low absorption.
  • Diet: A vegan or vegetarian diet that avoids the use of meat and eggs will result in lack of B12 in the body.

People who suspect the vitamin b12 deficiency can refer to the site that overs in-depth details that people can watch carefully. Otherwise, they can look for the following symptoms caused due to the deficiency of vitamin b12;


Lack of energy or low energy in people is the first sign of B12 deficiency as the vitamin is responsible for the red blood cell production. Increase red blood cells can transport oxygen to different parts of the body effectively. If the cells get less oxygen, then it will result in tiredness, weakness, and sluggishness.


Low Muscle Power

With reduced red blood cell production, the muscles cannot function properly as people may find it difficult to lift, pull or push things. People may experience muscular weakness after performing small jobs.

Pins and Needles

The lack of blood supply results in the pins and needles, which is due to the vitamin B12 deficiency. The tingling/burning/prickling sensation in the hands or feet is due to the vitamin B12 deficiency that can affect the movement of the limbs. Severe deficiency may lead to nerve damage due to the reduced oxygen levels.


Frequently forgetting things is caused by the B12 deficiency.


The vitamin B12 deficiency will lead to neurological issues that includedizziness. It is because of the lack of oxygen supply to the brain that will make people light-heated or unbalanced.

Vision Problems

The deficiency if vitamin B12 can damage the optic nerve that will result in double vision, sensitivity to light or blurry vision.

People who suspect the vitamin deficiency can get a good idea about it by visiting that will enlighten with good knowledge. An easy cure is to eat a balanced diet and taking supplements like the B12 Energy Plus Patch that is easy to absorb to provide the body with all nutrients.