Getting bulged with the eating habits is quite common with today’s generation. This is because of the unusual habits of in taking foods, alcohol, fast foods and other unhealthy food habits. These kinds of treatments are even not possible sometime as of hesitation from the clients health related side effects.

Mostly people fix on with a diet plan and then after some days, they get back from the diet to the same oily and fast foods. But these are damn hazardous which would result to different kind of dangerous disorders. Later you take on some of the diet pills which might get your weight loss, but would not give you the ideal choice of losing weight in a healthy manner.

Sharing a personal experience:-

This particular writing is an experience of 3 days diet plan which includes a research on food intake that involves nutritional fruits and vegetables as well as cereals and pulses which are rich in high fiber and proteins. As it is known that health is wealth. It has become a primary concern for every person to manage their dietary intake not only to avoid various diseases and disorders but also to maintain a healthy life style. With every diet it is necessary to adapt a healthy exercise or work out to balance our body to the environment.

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As a practice dietary supplement may not only influence the present health but will also determine whether or not the individual practicing it will develop any diseases like carcinogenesis , cardiovascular disorders and diabetes in the later life. If we consider the diet it varies from person to person. The diet also varies based on the physical and medical conditions of the people.

How should the food be:-

The food is considerably the fuel of the body. So it must be rich in all kind of nutrients like that of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. These are the ones that associate together to bring on metabolic activities which further get through the respiration and circulation processes.

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The complete day plan out:-

For those who are interested for a diet plan can check on with their daily regime that goes through the breakfast where they must consume quite light and oil free diet. At the same time, they must also continue with workouts that would keep your health consistent. When it’s about the lunch it should include a lot of salads and par boiled vegetables that would contain a huge amount of fibre and when it’s non veg you must include fishes and roasted chicken which is fat free. But the ultimate dinner should include chapatti and a bowl of boil veggies and stew which is just healthy to consume.