Having a dog at home is a great responsibility that demands lots of timely care concern as well as money. Getting the right food for your dog is another thing that should be on your priority list to ensure its good health and wellbeing.

Every dog breed has a different nutritional requirement depending upon their size, body type and breed. Yorkshire Terriers is a dog breed that originally belongs to United States. It is a handsome, dark blue coloured dog that has a big personality fit into a tiny canine body.

Yorkies are known for their perky, playful and brave nature. They are greatly pampered and loved all across because of their spirited feisty nature. However coming to their food requirements, they have a quite picky and therefore are known to be a high maintenances breed in terms of their eating habits.

 The ideal diet for your Yorkie

The best foods for your yorkie is one that includes a balance of right nutrients which are:

Protein: This is a mandatory body building nutrient required for your Yorkie. Some of the protein rich foods for your yorkie are listed as follows:

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Turkey

Carbohydrates: Certain carbs can be not good for your Yorkie’s stomach hence they should be strictly avoided. This includes soy and corn. However, absence of total carbs will also prove detrimental therefore they need to be present in the right amount. Sweet potatoes and brown rice are good options that can be given to your dog.


Fats: Fats are a must ons when it comes to the diet of yorkie. Fats help yorkie to have a good shiny hair growth. Foods with presence of fish oil are best sources of fats. In dearth of such foods, the best option is to buy some fish oil and add a few drops of it in your Yorkie’s food.

Vitamins and Minerals: They are vital for your dog’s immune system and other bodily functions. Hence make sure that your Yorkie diet contains a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some good food options for your Yorkies which are rich in Vitamins and minerals are:

  • Carrot
  • Lettuce
  • Beetroot
  • Apple
  • Pumpkin

 How many calories does a Yorkie require?

Being a small sized dog with about a general weight of 125 lbs., a Yorkie requires a more calorie dense food in comparison to large sized dogs. The exact quantity of calorie intake varies depending upon the relative size and its age.

People who prepare food at home, it is important to check their calorie intake daily. Make sure to split their ration food to prevent them from overeating.

As per the recommendation of National Academia, 150 calories are required for a moderately active Yorkie. For older Yorkies, 125 calories per day are adequate. While for a super active Yorkie, the 200 calories are needed.

Ingredients to keep away from your Dog’s diet

  • Low quality grains like soy, corn and wheat should be avoided.
  • Foods containing artificial preservatives and sweetness should be avoided.
  • Avoid meat by products which are unsafe as well as unhygienic for your dog.