The arrival of a new-born brings in lots of sunshine happiness into the family. Along with this it automatically changes the parent’s thought process. They ensure that their child has good health. Most of us are so engrossed in the food habits and nutrition that we hardly think about the dental health. It can’t be neglected as it plays a vital role in the overall wellbeing of the child. Parents should make periodic visits to the dental clinics like where each and every family dentist Arborg in the team has the required skill and experience. If the parents know the reasons for tooth decay in children, it will help them to maintain a good dental health of their children. The five major reasons are:

  1. Accumulation of bacteria: As children tend to eat more chocolates, pastries and products with high sugar, their teeth are more susceptible to bacterial accumulation which forms a soft layer called plaque. If plaque gets hardened it is called Tartar. Plaque and tarter cause infection and might lead to the beginning of tooth decay. To avoid this, we must inculcate good brushing habits from the childhood. They should brush at least twice a day.The baby’s mouth should be washed properly even if the baby takes only milk as food. Flossing also helps to remove plaque. Periodic visits to dental clinic Arborg, for periodic check-up is the best way to maintain good dental health.
  2. Unknowingly avoiding good food: As mentioned above children mostly eat food rich in sugar which causes dental issues. They should be encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables and cheese which help in producing saliva in the mouth which prevents the food particles from sticking to the teeth. Any family dentist Arborg would recommend food rich in calcium like milk, spinach, turnips, bran and corn flakes.
  3. Neglecting already decayed tooth. A cavity in one tooth when neglected not only destroys the whole tooth but also spreads to the adjacent teeth. Hence the moment we spot a black dot on the tooth, we must visit a dental clinic Arborg which provides good dental filling treatment service. Use of sealants especially on the teeth which help in chewing the food is definitely a good way of avoiding tooth decay.
  4. Type 2 diabetes in children: The production of saliva decreases due to type2 diabetes in children. We all know that saliva plays a vital role to wash away the food particles stuck to our teeth. Parents should take outmost care to avoid type2 diabetes in children if they have a family history of diabetes.

A healthy life style is definitely a good way of maintain a good health. Parents need to plan and engage their children so that they occupied with good activities, as we all would agree that being idle mostly drives them to eat more junk food. Apart from this, parents should inculcate good eating habits where children should be encouraged to eat healthy snacks. Parents may start their efforts from a very early stage to get long term benefits. Most importantly dental health should also be considered as an important part of overall wellbeing.