With the help of the technology, development and new ideas have been introduced day by day. One among such idea is the online pharmacy site, a site which is dedicated solely to medicines and medical related things. As they are connected with the health of people these sites are sculptured with great care and attention. In Indian pharmacy Paypal option is also available along with other payment modes.


Most of us are aware of this term paypal, but not many will be aware of how they came into existence or how long are they in the financial field. Can you believe that Paypal has been in existence for about twenty years? Yes, this company have been in usage from 1998 and still, they are the king in the online transaction. There are also many other online transactions which are now being famous.

Services provided by PayPal:-

Paypal being the well-known online transaction, they are accepted by the Apple company. Apart from this, they are also used in any online shopping platforms. Let it be Amazon or club factory or Flipkart any shopping websites Paypal is one of the main online payment modes.

Stepping stones of PayPal:-

As far as Paypal is concerned, their main stepping stones are the frauds and hackers they have made in their early stage. They have lost your shoes amount and clients in the hackers and MIB attacks but still they are considered as the most safe and Secure mode of transaction.

Security step:-

When it comes to security and safety PayPal doesn’t compromise with the quality. In fact, they are the pioneers in coming up with best security deals. The most recent and advanced security measures taken by PayPal is the MTAN.


Almost everyone will be familiar with the term OTP. This MTAN is similar to that of the one-time password, the user will receive the security code number via SMS confirming about the transaction. They have some twist inside the security system, as of now they are free of charge.