Laser treatments are widely popular all over the world. As we know that the current technological world is drastically changing over the years. Simultaneously lipo laser machines and LED machinery have also taken a drastic change. This is what we call as generation gaps. Actually, we come across the difference between previous times and the present times. Similarly, in lipo laser machines, there are different generations based machinery is evolved till today.

The lipo machine and the LED machine is associated with lots of differences too but the key difference is its power, its strength and the specific laser wavelength generated. But each and every generation is accompanied by past models and determines the number of wavelengths generated.

Let’s focus on three generations:

 The Three Generations:

First Generation:

Initially, a wavelength is too much higher compared to the latest and current version of models that takes place. Here in the generation, the average wavelength is 670 nm Compared to current lipo laser and LED machinery; it is not as strong enough as possible.

This generation leads all the other generation to be more effective comparatively.

Second Generation:

This generation results in inventing lower wavelengths with the presence of high strength and its effectiveness. It uses lasers potentially and till today, this generation is considered and used as the fresh generation that is released to the public as well. Here average production wavelength is approximately 650 nm only.

Third Generation:

In the name itself, it justifies that; it is the advanced technology-oriented generation compared to previous generations. Here average wavelength approximately is 635 nm. The cost is higher compared to previous ones. This generation of treatment will never harm any human body.  The key desire in this generation is; for generating affordable results in terms of winning over customers with their effective services acts like a major asset.


  • This kind of treatment is solely considered a safe and painless treatment. It, even more, produces red laser light for creating safe and secured painless effect on the desired fat tissue. These machines do not generate abnormal consequences to the body and it also causes damage to the body cells and blood vessels respectively.
  • This treatment is applicable to all kinds of skin types and it is performed on the targeted area where extra fat is stored in your body. It is quite normal and engages to work as normal as before after completion of your surgery too. After this surgery, it results immediately especially in the abdominal area of 2 to 4 cm of loss will be achieved through this treatment.
  • It is recommendable to take this treatment for 4 weeks with 2 times of treatment in a week.


Hence generations of lipo laser machinery are clearly defined and it also resides with good advantages after completion of surgery.