The task of any halal certification agency is to simplify the process of application and get a certificate. There are enormous guidelines that have to be followed when it comes to obtaining the certificate. This certificate allows the cafés, restaurants, and hotels to keep and sell food and drinks that are permissible under the Islamic law. One can market their products openly once they are approved by the law for the same. Most importantly, you can reach out to a vast group of Halal consumers, who do not easily find Halal food easily.

Here is how to apply and get the halal certification:

  1. Application with the Agency:

You will have to find the government recognized halal certification agencies to apply for the certificate. It is important that you go through different agencies and its work procedures. Go for the one that will guide you the best and assist at all levels of the procedure. This is possible only when you talk with the professionals at such agencies. An agency that has hassle-free processes should be picked for the process. Make sure you read the application form carefully. Fill in all the details properly. The form is to help the agency learn about you and your company. Based on the information, you will receive a letter of confirmation for a business visit or meeting.

  1. Inspection by the Agency Expert:

When you are done with your form and submit it for assessment, you will receive a call from the halal certification service. A professional will schedule an on-site inspection. You will have to be ready with the answers that the expert may ask. There is nothing to worry about. It will be only about verifying the information that you provided the company. So, it is like a fact-check and to see whether your hotel meets the standards set by the regulatory body. Be your best and ask every employee to be prepared for the same. It is imperative to maintain hygiene at all times, but during the inspection, you need to raise the standards. A single error and probably you will lose your certification.

  1. Awaiting the Report:

Based on the information that you supplied and the inspection, there will be a meeting. The reports will be prepared. You will be sent a halal certification process fee. Once you clear the payments, you will receive your certification result. If approved you can market your business and carry out your regular activities. If not, then you will have to check on what grounds you were denied the same. Ideally, one should read the guidelines thoroughly before applying for the certification. Usually, a halal certification agency will have the dos and don’ts, a list of acceptable food etc on the company website. Go through it in detail and you can apply for the same again.

There is no need to worry about rejection in the first attempt. You can certainly try for the second time as well. However, you need to be careful about your each attempt. Rejections several times can cost you in the future. Hence, you need to be thorough and then attempt for the certification.