Being health conscious is always a good sign for both men and women. People often get too much casual with their health which leads to serious issues. Hair fall is one such problem which is causing a huge trouble to people specially women.

There is no such better treatment for hair fall other than hair transplant.  This is the best way to deal with hair fall issues in the recent years. More or less every city in India has a hair transplant clinic. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is the most popular destination for doing your transplantation as all the popular clinics have their branches out there.

The question of hair transplant comes much later but it is very important to maintain your hair at first. People often try different methods but the important ones are often neglected. The first step towards a better hair growth is to eat good and healthy food.

We often eat unhealthy items which taste better but ignore the ones which are essential for our health. There are certain kinds of foods which plays a very important role in hair growth. Some are listed below

  • Green vegetables– To maintain your health green vegetables are a must. Not only for hair growth but it is also necessary for other issues.  All kinds of green vegetables provide different vitamins for the body. It is highly responsible for nourishment of hair. Green vegetables are also quite rich in minerals which help to remove various toxic materials from the body. To maintain good hair growth one should consume green vegetables in any form on a daily basis.
  • Coconut oil- It is always a fruitful idea to apply coconut hair oil on your hair. This is very important for nourishment of your hair.  Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and makes the root of the hair stronger. It is advisable to use this oil every day before bath. Women often use conditioner and shampoo for maintaining their hair but very few knows that coconut oil can do magic if applied on a regular basis.

  • Walnuts- This is very good heart but only few knows that walnut is even important to maintain your hair growth. It contains protein which is required for the hair follicles. Walnuts also help to retain a huge amount of moisture due to the presence of various kinds of fatty acids. One can consume walnut for their hair growth. This is sometimes recommended by hair experts even.
  • Oats- Oats for breakfast is always a better food than any other. It is also important for the hair growth as it contains elements like zinc, magnesium and potassium. It is a highly recommended one especially for women if they are worried about their hair.
  • Eggs- Boiled eggs are very important for the hair. It is necessary in producing a huge amount of collagen and keratin which is needed for a shiny hair. Apart from chemical compounds these are much better for a better hair growth and shine.
  • Pumpkin seeds- This is not quite known to many but pumpkin seeds are important for a very healthy hair shaft. Along with vitamins it also contains fatty acids which are essential for a better hair growth.

One always needs to take good care of their hair otherwise there can be hair fall in the future. There are many things by which one can make their hair strong and healthy.  The above mentioned ones are just few.

Yet hair fall is happening and people are suffering from it.  But with the introduction of hair transplant technique people are less worried about hair fall issue.   The hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is also quite moderate for the common people to afford. The city has all the best clinics which makes it best place for doing transplantation.

Even if you are suffering from hair fall then don’t think about it too much as the process of transplantation will give you back the best result.