Reclaiming your overall health after the prolonged substance abuse is not simple, but it is possible. There’re a lot of ways to reclaim very good health. Give self care a top priority, and take support for helping you in the journey of your recovery from substance abuse. Doesn’t matter your addiction path, your substance abuse undoubtedly has taken a toll on your overall health. Even though you can maintain the healthy lifestyle outside your addiction, but your body has plenty of healing still to do in the recovery. Am I addicted? Luckily, there are many different ways of reclaiming the good health. You can use this guide & advice from your doctor, to move ahead in sobriety with the healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Your Physical Health

While it comes about taking back the physical health, it is not only about repairing any damage that is caused when you were using. Also, your body should go through (at times painful) detox & then re-learn to function sober. It is very important that you look after your body even in sobriety — and help it heal, offer it nourishment it requires, as well as help this grow stronger.

So, am I addicted? If you think you are addicted, then first step will be committing to the healthy diet. You do not need to give up your junk food that you love, but must use moderation as well as make the conscious effort of eating nutritious foods. Just swap out the usual side of the fries for steamed vegetables while you eat out, or give yourself only healthy choices. Maintain your body fully energized with the healthy snacks such as fruit, granola, and nuts throughout a day, and commit for the healthy 3 meal schedule. To try new recipes or wholesome foods offers you the positive project that you can focus on, and you will begin to feel better overall physically.

Being active is one important aspect of the addiction recovery. You can go for the walk around a block after work every evening, take morning jogs, and join local gym. This activity can be about anything, thus pick something that can realistically work out with your schedule as well as stick to it. Never push yourself very hard too quickly — and you will find right opportunities to sneak over more physical action to your day. Using stairs rather than elevator and parking your vehicle far away in a lot, or playing game of the backyard fetch are simple and effective ways of getting in more exercise.

Healing Your Soul and Spirit

There’re many things about the addiction recovery, which you do not enjoy, lots of things you should do although you do not want to. However, besides healthy eating & exercise you are getting, it is very important to ensure that you are making right time for things that will bring you joy & rejuvenate your spirit.