The refreshing coconut water has been not just enjoyed but also used as a medicine for the longest time. It is helpful in the prevention of dehydration, acts as a natural source of electrolytes, and lowers the levels of acidity in the body. It is also loaded with various important nutrients. Thus, it is not surprising that doctors encourage the pregnant women to drink the coconut water. Here’s taking a look at the top health benefits that coconut water holds for you and your unborn baby.

Production of breast milk

Drinking nariyalpani helps in producing adequate amounts of breast milk for your baby. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a single meal having coconut meat or water affects the fatty acid content of the breast milk for as about three days. The maximum concentration occurs within the initial ten hours.

Improves the immunity

Coconut water is sterile and naturally safe from all contaminants since it stays inside the shell. It contains antibacterial,anti-viral, and antifungal compounds to help in preventing you from catching a flu or becoming ill while you are pregnant.


Natural coolant

One of the best things about coconut water is that it helps in relaxing the muscles and nervous system naturally because it is rich in magnesium. It helps in relieving the itching sensation and joint pain that often comes with pregnancy.

Zero cholesterol

Coconut water has zero cholesterol, which makes it healthy drink for the heart. Though even plain water contains zero cholesterol, it does not have the high content of magnesium and other important nutritious compounds like coconut water. When consumed regularly, coconut water even helps in increasing the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

Increases energy levels

Carrying the extra weight in your body naturally makes you feel tired most of the time during pregnancy. Coconut water can be helpful in pregnancy to restore the energy levels by leading to an increase in metabolism and stimulating your thyroid functions.

Health of the amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is the yellow, clear fluid that the growing baby in the uterus. Coconut water helps in improving and boosting the levels of this fluid, thereby, ensuring an overall healthy environment for your baby to grow.

Stops the heartburn

Many pregnant women have the problem of heartburn and indigestion. Having coconut water lowers the acidity levels in your stomach, prevents indigestion and heartburn, and sour feeling in the mouth. Doctors usually advise the pregnant women to have a cup of coconut water before the meals.

Prevents constipation

Coconut water is an unbeatable cure for preventing indigestion. The delicious water is a natural and mild laxative that helps in the prevention of constipation that tends to plague women during their pregnancy.

Great source of nutrition

Coconut water is known to improve blood circulation and acts as an amazing source of vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin C, in turn, helps in improving the immune system, and fiber helps to prevent constipation. It is also a rich source of phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Both electrolytes and potassium are significant for the pregnant women. It is good source of lauric acid, which aids in protecting the body from viruses and diseases.

Natural diuretic

Coconut water can come to your rescue for preventing and treating urinary tract infections. Since it acts as a mild diuretic, coconut water can save you from the painful infections. It also has antibacterial compounds to stop the urinary tract infections before it spreads any further.

With all the amazing benefits that it holds, make sure you have a glass of coconut water daily in your pregnancy days.