There are many causes of toothache, and an inflammation or infection in the roots of the tooth is just one of them. Inside the tooth beneath the white enamel and the hard dentin layer is a cavity (referred to as “root canal”), which is filled with soft tissues called pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues which contribute to the growth of the tooth. However, after the tooth has fully grown, it can actually survive with the pulp as the surrounding tissues continues to nourish it.

An inflammation in the roots of the tooth is usually caused by infected pulp. As the grown tooth no longer need the pulp, the pulp is removed and the tooth is filled. The tooth is also cleaned and shaped beforehand. Once this is done, you will no longer have nerves in the tooth which gives a hot or cold sensation, which doesn’t affect the function of the tooth and may not actually be a bad thing after all.

A root canal treatment is usually done as a preparation for a crown or bridge.

root canal

What to expect during a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is not daunting at all; most people who have undergone is report that the pain is similar to having a filling done, which is almost not painful at all! This is because a local anaesthesia is used during the procedure, even if the nerves within the tooth are dead.

A hole is drilled into the tooth to enable the bacteria-filled pulp and decayed nerves to be extracted. The insides of the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly using files of various diameters to ensure that no debris is left behind. A sodium hypochlorite solution or just water is constantly used throughout the procedure to flush away debris.

You will experience pain for the next few days but nothing that painkillers can’t fix. The treated tooth may feel a different sensation too; it is fine and expected but do return to the dentist if you experience severe pain or pressure after a few days or see swelling inside or outside your mouth. If your bite is uneven, do go back too. If a temporary crown or filling was fitted, there is a chance that it may fall out, so be careful and immediately go back to your dentist should that happen.

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