The use of amino acid therapy in both men’s and women’s rehab has been gaining traction in recent years. For those only familiar with the 12-step process as a means to treat drug and alcohol addiction, this method seems to be a bit odd. To understand this better, it’s best to know how the mind works.

The brain is connected to the rest of the body through peripheral nerves that are linked to the spinal cord. There are chemicals in the brain which are called neurotransmitters which essentially control whether you feel pleasure, sadness or pain.

Reward Centers

To the brain, these small rewards are like an addiction. They trigger a positive emotional response that people are always seeking to replicate. People eat food to satiate hunger. They play or watch movies as a form of entertainment; they exercise to produce endorphins, which in turn create a natural high.

But back to the amino acid therapy. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is used in order to give them a boost of energy and repair muscles and tissues. Long-term use of drugs or alcohol will create an imbalance of the body and brain’s delicate chemical composition. The neurotransmitters, which send chemicals like serotonin or dopamine to the brain, appear to be the most affected.

Neurotransmitters are also amino acids. When these are damaged, that’s when changes in behavior and mood can be detected in drug dependents.

Alternative rehabs for women use amino acid therapy to help in the detox process and cut the tendency of relapsing and the discomfort of withdrawal.

How Does Amino Acid Therapy Help With Women’s Rehab

Amino Acid Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The more people use drugs and alcohol, the more these neurotransmitters send fewer of these electrical impulses to the brain. When they take drugs or alcohol, the reward center of the brain is being bombarded with these impulses. Over time, in order to achieve the same feeling, addicts need to take in more of the substance because they already developed a tolerance.

Amino Acid Therapy for Detox

Patients who undergo amino acid therapy have reported that the withdrawal period is much easier than normal. In fact, they reported the withdrawal time frame being drastically reduced.

The treatment process is heavily regulated, and the only chemicals that are targeted include GABA (which is a chemical to fight against stress), 5-HTP (which regulates serotonin), L-Tyrosine (considered as the neurotransmitters’ building block), DLPA (which helps against depression), and L-Glutamine (which has been found to nourish the brain cells and allow them to recover faster).

Amino acid therapy is just one among the many methods employed by holistic rehabs for women, however, some patients don’t respond well to this treatment. Smart facilities like Ranch Creek understand that there’s no one cure for everybody, and that’s why we individualize each patient’s treatment plan.  Amino acid therapy in drug addiction treatment is just one of the options; call today to find out more.