The advocare challenge runs for 24 days. This is a challenge that has been developed as a comprehensive nutrition program. This is not just a weight loss program. It has been created to help you manage your weight and overall body wellness. When you are done with the 24 days, you will have an increased energy and improved look.

The main purpose of the program is to help you jump start your weight loss program. When you buy the product, you will get six elements; the herbal cleanse, the advocare fiber drink and spark, omegaplex, the meal replacements shakes, vitamin and MNS. The program was initially launched in 2013 and it has received positive reviews.

The challenge is done in two phase; cleanse and max phases. In the cleanse phase is for preparing the body for optimal.

From day 1 to 10, your body will be involved in the process of eliminating the waste. During this period, you will have to take the advocare herbal cleanse. The herbal extracts in this product will help in removing the impurities. They will also help in improving the digestion system. This will help the body in absorbing the nutrients. You will also have to take the OmegaPlex which contains omega 3 and the Advocare Spark that will provide you with 20 vitamins.

The max phasecomes immediately after the 10 days. Between days 11 to 24 days, your body will be involved in fueling in order to achieve the desired results. You will to continue using the above mentioned products. After the 24 days, you will have to take the metabolic nutrition system which will help to provide you with energy. It also helps you in controlling your appetite.

The pricing

First and foremost, the products can be bought from the official website. Secondly, the prices are not displayed on the website. However, you can buy the products from the distributors who buy them from the advocare site. That means that you can access the products from Amazon where you will have to pay $189 per box plus shipping cost which is $7.49.

Other products

There are other companion products that you can buy. They are not part of the challenge but they will pair well with the different products in the 24-day challenge package. The different products include;

«  Catalyst; this is a blend of essential amino acids. They help to repair the muscles and promotes the lean muscle.

«  Thermoplus; this is a weight loss enhancing product. They contain the botanical extracts that helps to suppress the appetite.

The two products when combined, they will help in boosting metabolism and stimulating the oxidation process.

When you use the product you will lose weight. There are people who have reported to lose at least 10 pounds.


Even though the website has indicated that the products are scientific research, there is no much information on the topic. If you want to lose weight, you need to consult a dietician who will guide you in the process of losing weight.