Viewers might well have noticed that under certain locations, morning after pill singapore methods are accessible over through the prescription. Unfortunately, the rules are more stringent here.

The physician seems to be the perfect candidate to counsel patients on which morning-after medication to consume or when to consume. This would be because such a pill includes active chemicals that may not be suited for some people, particularly others with specific health conditions.

Late menstruation

If you’ve a medication reaction, a hepatic issue, especially whether you have particular medical problems or those on particular drugs, this might not be suited for everyone.Following vaginal intercourse, swallow the day medication as promptly as feasible.

It’s quite common if the menstruation arrives a week early or longer than expected. That’s also due to the pill’s ability to block or postpone ovulation. It’s also possible that your menstruation will be longer or shorter.


morning after pill singapore

If one’s menstruation is delayed for longer than three months after utilizing the contraceptive, it’s critical that you might get a medical exam or schedule an underlying medical condition. Whereas morning-after contraceptive would be an efficient way of combating conception post unprotected intercourse, and when used correctly, this can malfunction, it provides no prevention against highly contagious illnesses.

Medical abortion sometimes referred to simply as a “Backup Plan” is a type of preventing pregnancy something you can use to terminate a pregnancy but upon unsafe sex.

General practitioner

One such piece of information tells you all you can do to understand about the morning after pill singapore contraception methods. Please note, though, that contraceptives aren’t just about an operation, but this will not function when you’re already expectant.


Although medical abortion might save the existence in terms of avoiding conception, it shouldn’t be taken daily because it might induce irregular periods. Even so, it’s there in case of an emergency. Other choices for long-term protection include modern contraceptive tablets or preventative injections. They’re far more productive and less taxing on the physique.


Even though most, maybe not all, practitioners are certified to administer emergency contraception, it’s not like every facility carries it nor has a primary health care department. That must communicate with such a professional who can listen to these worries without casting aspersions. Keep in mind that a lady must contact a professional with her own. If you’re looking for contraception methods for the spouse, she’ll do go to the general practitioner immediately.