Shakes are fruit drinks that we are used to at home. By just blending all of your fruits, you have the drink ready to take. But in recent times, companies have improved on this drink with various health benefit claims. Shakeology is one of such products that came with a hit with various health improvement and successes, though, not proven clinically.

In this article, we’ll take a look at shakeology and its composition.

What shakes really are

Shakes are nutritious fruit and vegetable drinks. The common shakes we make at home are made by blending all components of the fruit including the pulp. No part of the fruit is left off the process. The content is made creamier with a base solvent like milk and cheese. This is an improved form of a smoothie and it is called shakes. They are generally nutritious and can be taken in place of meals.

Meal replacement shakes

with natural medicine and living natural continually get appreciated by people all over the world, many companies added more value to this meal replacement drink with lots of nutritive value introduced into them. The various products have components to help in weight loss and improve the general well-being of the body system, boosting the immune system and help in reducing craving for food. What really makes shakeology flavors different from the rest then?

What you have in every scoop of shakeology

What makes shakeology really different is what you’ll get as a nutrient from every scoop of shakeology that you take. Shakeology is made of about 70 different nutritive elements sourced from all around the world. It comprises the following categories of nutrients.

·        It contains protein and amino acids which are a major component of shakes generally. This is what is responsible for food craving reduction.

·        It is believed to contain phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens which help to mop up free radicals and relief stress.

·        It also contains digestive enzymes and prebiotics which is helpful for aiding digestion and helping with food absorption as well.

All these major categories are built up with high-quality nutrients of various plants, roots, and herbs. Shakeology is referred to as super food formula because of the rich nutritive composition. That is why the components are also having the super attachment, such as super-protein, super-fruits, and other elements.

The effect of taking this food replacement drink is believed to help the total health balance, rejuvenate the system and coupled with various workout programs to keep fit and lose weight.

The concerns about the claims of shakeology

If there is anything that brings down the reputation of the Beachbody company and shakeology, it is the lack of proven clinical result on what they offer. One might wonder how as big as a company of this magnitude not to have done their homework in this regard. Could we after all call it shakeology scam for this negligence?

What were they thinking? Or was it intentional, were there no real facts in the actual sense of it on the product they marketed so well and have made the name in America and Canada?

It a lot of concern to people today even as the number of complaints by users is as equal to the number of positive testimonials received. Could it have been they never knew it would become this popular and make so many sales not to have documentation worked on?

The general complaint that many people come down with has been on the taste, stomach pains, nausea and some come down with vomiting.

For instance, if you take the protein components of whey and the pea protein which shakeology supplies, While whey protein is okay, pea protein is in doubt as a good source of protein due to some negatives that it has in regards to some other health conditions. People who have used shakeology and other alternatives believe the protein content is low compared to what price it is offered to the general public.

Some other claims of vitamin composition is also a thing of doubt as what was claimed when calculated appeared to not match well.

The simple truth here is that Beachbody messed up in this area. The research and the clinical proof were a big flop on the quality of shakeology product.

Shakeology being pricey

If shakeology flavors have been with a price that is comparable with other shakes of its kinds, it would not have received so much of the hit it has over the years. Buying a monthly package for about $156 a month is pretty high for users. Think about it that you have to spend $4.33 every day on a shake alone. Would you be able to sustain that for long as an average earner?

If justifying the composition in the pack would have done the trick that would have been okay but with complaints filtering all over the place is one of their self-inflicted troubles.

Though some have found this product useful one way or the other and such have not needed to complain about the product. But the truth be told, if it actually contains the 70 super food element and much work has to go into it, then, they have no such other means than having a high price to recoup their investment. It is all about business no matter what. Profit has to be made.

Customer ratings on the product

shakeology reviews are everywhere and users have been called to vote at various times or the other. Ratings on the shakeology product were fairly okay with some distance above the average mark on the scale of 1-5 rating.

In one of the polls of over 300 votes, a 3.3 rating out of 5 was scored and in another, it was over 8 out of a 10 upper range for an over 200 participants. That is not bad at all, though.

These are areas where they passed and areas where they did not score well.

Good taste- poor: this is may not be a case anyway but for some users, it is either the taste is good or they are not going to spend their money on something that tastes bad no matter how packed the nutrient in it is.

Low sugar- poor: I kind of wonder how there is still much sugar and yet the taste still comes poor. This is one complaint that is also common, high sugar level.

Helps with hunger-poor: well to a large extent, I don’t know how this is in order because the many testimonials show that it helps with reducing food cravings. Anyway, the people are the oracle here and they have spoken.

Now they got it all right with no artificial flavors, soy free protein and money back guarantee process. Good one here.

Alternatives to shakeology and why people would readily go for them

The talk of shakeology not having alternatives is common with almost every Beachbody coach. I don’t know the reason they hold such strong assertion. Perhaps because of the 70 super pack shakeology ingredients.

But this claim can be bogus. You may have so much and not be that effective with someone with few. That is very possible. There are a few other shakeology alternatives in the market that are even rated higher than shakeology. The fact that you packed in so much should not be used to determine supremacy in any way. 18shakes, GNC lean and Isagenix are also high-quality food replacement shakes that are popular and still trusted by shake lovers all over America. Many people already go for these products because they are a lot cheaper and appear to give a better result than when they have been with shakeology flavors.

I think clinical pronouncement and evidence would have helped to straighten things out on this claim of theirs. Accepted that it is a good product in a way but for that one, it is a no, no.

The final word

Shakeology definitely has worn many people over with both the quality of its product and the accompanying Beachbody fitness and weight loss programs. This is a thumbs up for them for the marketing strategies adopted.

However, with the lack of proven clinical evidence, it is hard to accept claims that may actually be proven to be true but are not available. This is where they got it all wrong. This is a modern era, if we were in a stone age where scientific knowledge is limited, it would have been a big success but not in the 21st technology packed century.

The results from testimonials and complaints are two ways. It is normal that a product that worked for a person may not work for another. These complaints would definitely help in further research and should be looked at with an eye for improvement. Is there any concern for allergies and other examinations before application? If this was done, it is hoped that many others would not have come up and if it does, Beachbody should have something to give inform of explanation why it happened.

The bottom line is, there is a lot still to be done on shakeology nutrition for it to really live up to its claims.