Nowadays, middle-aged individuals are looking to cosmetic surgery to improve their looks than ever before. Whether you are concerned that your appearance may impact your career, simply want to improve your look, or re-entering the dating scene, plastic surgery can be a viable option no matter what age you are.

benefit from plastic surgery

No Age Restrictions

Individuals of any age who are in overall good health can benefit from plastic surgery. Many patients in their early to mid-40’s who have sagging or loose skin are excellent candidates for a facelift procedure. However, several people think this procedure is specifically for individuals in their 50’s and 60’s.

It’s surprising to some people when they hear that patients who are 55 or older have a reasonably high demand for cosmetic procedures that are sometimes characterised as being for “younger people”.

No Increased Risk

According to a 2017 study published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, older patients who underwent cosmetic surgery were no more likely to have complications following their surgery than their younger counterparts. This Aesthetic Surgery Journal study looked at 129 abdominoplasty patients who were divided into two groups with the average age of 65 years and 41.5 years respectively. What does this mean? It means that risk of complication for plastic surgery patients does not necessarily increase with their age.

Your Lifestyle Matters

Besides lifestyle, health conditions also play a crucial factor in determining whether or not an individual is a suitable candidate for considering for plastic surgery:


Smoking cigarettes can increase risks that are associated with surgery by compromising the healing process. Nicotine alone causes immense shrinking of blood vessels throughout the body so that the individual cells that need to travel to get to the healing areas cannot perform their specific function. Therefore, a 75-year-old patient who isn’t a smoker may be a more suitable candidate for plastic surgery than a 45-year old regular smoker.


Frequent alcohol consumption can reduce your candidacy for any plastic surgery. A history of heavy alcohol use increases the risk for surgical complications for people of any age. People, who are light or moderate drinkers, often do not have an increased risk of complications. Listen to advice from a qualified and experienced surgeons like Dr Mark Magnusson and refrain from drinking both before and after a surgical procedure.


Individuals who eat a healthy dietthat’s full of minerals and vitamins usually have bodies who are generally able to heal after surgery. Whereas people who consume a lot of saturated fats, sugars and processed foods, experience more difficulties throughout their recovery and a higher chance of post-surgical complications.