So many people have experienced the goodness of shakeology and how it made them better people in terms of increased energy levels and weight loss programs. Almost 3,000 shakeology lovers have expressed their satisfaction with the product.

A survey that was done for a about 3000 people confirmed that 93% of the shakeology lovers felt healthier after using it, 72% have lost weight during its usage, there is a reported increase of energy levels by 86% of its users, 81% users claimed it helped reduce the urge for junk food, 81% say shakeology keeps them full until their next meal, and last but not least 82% claimed an improvement in digestion.

The survey also shows that most shakeology lovers experienced an improvement of regularity in digestion levels, felt more focused and alert throughout the day. Take for instance Mr. Tom Hordin, when he started taking shakeology he had more energy, craved less junk, had better memory, and he claims his hair grew back. Within 2 months of including shakeology to his diet, his cholesterol levels was at 350 but reduced to 195 and this saved him from being on prescription drugs. His blood pressure is now okay and has an easy time breathing.


Another good example is Ashley Donaldson who suffered and struggled with weight issues and self-esteem. She was 90 pounds heavier within a year and had to change her wardrobe since clothes were not fitting her any more. Her anxiety levels were really high, and it made her hate herself for who she was. After she was introduced to shakeology with a friend, she lost a lot of weight, her migraines disappeared together with anxiety levels, and got her confidence back. This are true success stories of individuals who had real problems with their health and weight but after using shakeology, they are now enjoying the fruits.

You may want to ask yourself why and how does shakeology work. Shakeology contains over 70 all natural ingredients found around the world. It is one of the healthiest item you can put into your body without worrying of any side effects because it has none. Shakeology is a Superfood shake because you are able to add to it a fresh fruit or veggies of your choice.

After gaining a lot of weight, very many people want instant change in reduction forgetting it takes patience to lose any amount of weight. What amazes me with shakeology, it is not only a shake that helps in weight reduction but it is all round. It will help in lowering your cholesterol levels, and increase your energy levels among the other listed benefits.

Shakeology aims at providing the body with very essential elements that are usually missing in an average person’s diet. This elements might be as a result of cooking that may result in destruction of enzyme elements which are important for the body. Shakeology draws its enzymes from pineapples and papayas to enable your body break down the food to its own components.

There are so many shakeology testimonies that you may never finish going through.