Shakeology is loved widely and at the same time has a huge following. So is it really possible to buy Shakeology in Canada? And is it still possible to find Shakeology in Canada? There are review about Shakeology.

The answer is yes! You can get Shakeology shipped to Canada and its environs. You can check out for the complete list of addresses where it’s possible to get a shipment of the shake in Canada. A few of them are; Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, last but not least is Nunavut.

This makes it possible now to buy Shakeology in Canada after it took a very long time to have access to it. It is one of the greatest news for Canadians because it was long overdue.

The delay was due to the Canadian Customs who had to review the over 70 different super food ingredients before it could be allowed to be shipped in the country. Since the process was successfully cleared, Canadians can now order and the shake will be shipped to their addresses.

The unfortunate news is that you cannot buy Shakeology in any Canada stores nor in Canada Amazon. Technically this means that it is not possible to purchase shakeology in Canada. The only way to enjoy your Shakeology is to order for it online and have it shipped to your selected addresses.

Bad news is that at this time, Shakeology can only be shipped to Canadian and United States addresses. This are the only countries that can get Shakeology for now. In Canada, you have to order for Shakeology online.

Through a Team Beachbody Coach, you can easily access your share of Shakeology because it is only sold by them. But if you are interested in buying the shake at a cheaper price, then you will need to become a Canadian Beachbody Coach. By being one, you will save almost 25% in all your purchases.

Let me walk you step by step on how you can transform your health while in Canada. First, you need to choose a Beachbody Coach and head to their website or go to the official website and click on buy shakeology in Canada. Once you click on the link, it will directly take to the official Shakeology order page where you will see different options when placing your order.

Select your flavor by clicking on the left and right arrows that can be easily seen at the top of the website to get the shake flavor you desire which goes for $155.95CAD.

Choose the packing size that you want, there is a 30 serving’s bag or 24 single serve packet reserved in a box. I would advise you go for the 30 day serving because it is the best deal for the price.

Select the order type, this is the level where you can save money on Shakeology. Choose the monthly auto ship, it will automatically be renewing your order every month. Just in case you need to cancel it, give a call to the Beachbody’s Customer Service.

You can still place a single order and call to cancel after receiving your shakeology order.

Add it to cart that is after picking all the items you need then proceed to checkout.