The best detox programs out there are the ones that encourage a commitment to sobriety and go ahead to provide patients with facilities to achieve this feat. So, how can you pick out the best detox programs to sign a troubled individual into?

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Immediate availability of service

It is important for a detox facility in view to be available to admit and begin treatment immediately. Getting an addict to visit a rehab is tough enough, if the service isn’t immediately available, procrastination or loss of motivation could ensue. Thus, it’s highly crucial for a drug detox program to provide immediate resources to accommodate patients who seek help.

Availability of multiple detox services

So far, there is yet to be a one size fits all detox procedure. Stick to programs that offer various interventions and services to increase your chances of getting a successful all-round detox care. You can expect this all-round care to come with self-help group therapy, medical intervention, relapse prevention therapy and personalized therapy. Avoid programs that have their focus switched to one-dimensional approaches.

Certified and properly trained staff

The kind of training and certification which the nurses, doctors, support staff and care givers offer drug detox care usually are goes a long way in treating substance abusers. To ensure for the right treatment to achieve the right treatment results, certifications and training is recommended and this should include an addiction specialist who’s certified. All certified addiction counselors’ candidates must possess the minimum requirements in education and have at least three years of experience under a supervisor who serves as a counselor in substance abuse, only then can you be assured of securing a successful drug detox.

Facility with evidence based protocol

Healthcare fraud is largely becoming a problem around the world. Patients with drug addiction are often the target by promises of untested claims.

It’s necessary for patients and their loved ones to protect themselves against expensive treatment options that barely provide any results.

A very important question to ask a prospective detox center before registering with them is “Do you provide science and treatments based on evidence?”

Reports suggest that only a meager 10% of all U.S drug rehab centers engage in evidence-based therapy.

Track records of successful detox programs support the efficacy of treatments that are evidence-based especially when mixed with intervention from behavioral treatments. The alternatives to evidence-based treatments are experimental practices. These procedures lack scientifically proven effectiveness and longevity, thus never gets support from insurance providers.

For optimal care and results, always inquire about drug detoxification, what treatment methods are available and how effective they are before signing up for any program.

Planned quality aftercare

Completing an addiction rehab is a superb accomplishment, but sadly, it doesn’t end there. It’s still a long road to full recovery from there. Even years after completion of rehab, individuals who are still in recovery are at a risk of going into relapse. The kind of aftercare treatment received after drug detox can have strong influence on how well your sobriety sticks after treatment.

Right from the day of check-in into the rehab program through graduation, your treatment team is responsible for your welfare until a seal of total recovery is broken.

To ensure a successful drug detox program in the long term, a well-planned aftercare must be considered as a priority. Failing to plan for one can have a negative impact on the progress of the patient. Although detoxification remains the focal step towards getting sober, it should be fit in a long-term recovery plan which stresses on continuing care.

Inspected and accredited facility:

Due to the prevalence of a bunch of detox centers with slapdash programs that hardly yield any results, a few precautions must be taken.It is imperative that the center you decide to enroll in at the end of the day has been accredited by the joint commission on the accreditation of healthcare organization (JCAHO).

The task of the commission is to ensure that detox Centre’s adhere to safety guidelines and standards of operation prior to getting accredited.

Industry reputation

Top and genuine treatment centers conduct regular in-house audits. Ensure to check for references, online for reviews about their services, and feedbacks before you make a commitment to take part in any program. You might also want to know if the facility has the needed expertise in treating patients suffering from addictions to your drug of choice.

Comfort and compatibility with staff

Lastly, you might want to also consider trust as one important variable to watch out for. If a patient doesn’t feel comfortable during drug detox treatment, then there would be a better chance of getting a fish to walk on land than having a successful treatment. The chances of attaining sobriety will be severely cut.