Pregnancy is one of the most joyous phases of a woman’s life because she is creating a new life which will be solely dependent on her. Most women take the best possible care of themselves during this time in terms of nutrition and diet. Eating the right fruits, vegetables and plenty of water is very important. However, in spite of all this care women feel tired for the greater part of the day. As the months progress imany women experience faintness and more tired than usual. Even if the nutrition is right the hormonal changes play havoc on the body.

Why do women feel faint?

During pregnancy women tend to feel faint because the body cannot supply blood properly throughout the body. The brain therefore does not get enough oxygen which causes faintness. Sudden movements like standing up or bending down or even getting out of the shower can make you dizzy. But that does not mean that you will not feel dizzy while lying down. There is not particular timing or condition when this can happen. During pregnancy the supply of oxygen is low because the growing baby consumes quit a bit of the oxygen. The growing tummy also sometimes makes it difficult to breath for women.

How to deal with faintness

The feeling of faintness can be controlled if you do not get up in a hurry after waking up. Sudden movements are best avoided at this time. Also, if you are feeling faint while lying down make sure you turn to a side because lying on your back in the later stages of pregnancy can be quite fatal. In case the weather is particularly hot make sure you drink plenty of water. You can consult a doctor if you are feeling too sick but try to avoid the drugs used in pregnancy even if they are safe for the child’s sake.

Feeling hot during pregnancy

It is common to feel extremely hot during pregnancy because your body emits the heat of two bodies from one. The hormonal changes, the enhanced blood pressure and the uneasiness inside the body is responsible for the production of excess heat. Under such circumstances it is necessary that you consume a lot of water and try to stay cool by wearing loose clothes and staying in airy rooms. Opt for cotton clothes because the fabric allows the skin to breathe. Wash yourself when you feel sweaty and hot.

Increased exhaustion and sleepiness

Women feel most tired and drowsy during the first 12 weeks or so because of hormonal changes as well as emotional upheavals. Rest in the only way in which this is controlled because medications in pregnancy should be down to a minimum. Sit or lie down whenever you feel too much stressed and take the help of colleagues when in office. Rejecting assistance during pregnancy is not a smart idea. In the last trimester you are more likely to feel tired because of the additional weight you are carrying. With a growing baby especially in the last phases it can be difficult to get some sound sleep.